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Transform, Modernize, and Divide Your Office Without Construction

  • January 22, 2021
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Transform, Modernize, and Divide Your Office Without Construction - Texas MedClinic Careers

As we start the New Year are you realizing your office space needs a new look? Giving your office space a fresh new look this year does not have to involve tearing walls down. MergeWorks offers several customizable options to improve your office environment in a stylish way that is easy to install.

With social distancing guidelines still in place and employees returning to offices, maximizing your space is important. Room dividers and Modular Panels are a great solution to create a custom and safe space while maintaining separation.

  • Urban Wall™ dividers are fully customizable to match your existing furniture and functionality needs. Create meeting rooms, collaboration huddle spaces, break rooms, customer or patient waiting rooms, and private work areas without incurring costly construction. Each panel connects together giving you the power to construct the workspace that works for you. Room dividers can be mounted to the wall, hinged with others, include feet for stability or casters for mobility to continue adapting to your changing needs.
  • Modular Panels offer another option to divide space and create separation. Choose from Villa™, one material core or Duplex™ wall panels with 2 material cores to fit your space or upgrade your office furniture décor, by mixing colors and textures. These panels are flexible and versatile, that can be permanently installed or made mobile with locking casters to allow for spontaneous reconfiguration.

Whether it be loud coworkers or general noise from the office equipment, working in an open office may create several distractions for employees. Managing noise disruptions are just as important as providing visual privacy solutions when creating a productive workspace and increasing productivity. MergeWorks offers a variety of solutions for managing noise.

EchoWrap™ desk dividers are a great solution to reduce unwanted noise and distractions helping you focus on your work.

  • EchoWrap™ L-panel is a single panel that mounts on the back of the desk and wraps on one side of the desk or table. It is available with permanent or removable mounting options.
  • EchoWrap™ U-panel is a single panel that mounts on the back panel and surrounds the desk or table on both sides. It is available with permanent or removable mounting options.

EchoDeco™ wall panels are an attractive decorative solution that absorbs distracting noise and are a cost-effective treatment to cover walls or divide space. Our high-quality, durable recycled polyester material is lightweight, tackable, sustainable, and comes in 2 different thicknesses. With the option to hang from the ceiling or wall and to choose your own design, you have nearly endless possibilities to improve room acoustics while creating an inspiring environment.

MergeWorks offers flexible and versatile solutions that are designed to merge with any work surface or workstation to bring your office concept to light. Whether you are having issues with noise disruptions in your open office or are looking for an innovative way to improve privacy for employees, MergeWorks can find a solution. Our customer service team is available to answer your questions. Please reach out to them at 800-597-1195 or email

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