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SwitchIT™ Desk Dividers

Pop-off • Turn Panel • Pop-on

MergeWorks’ new and innovative SwitchIT™ desk panel solution strikes the right balance between privacy and collaborative environments.  Our patented mounting system allows the user the freedom to control their environment from day to day. Once the SwitchIT™ acoustic desk panel is mounted, it can be placed above the desk for a quiet, distraction free work zone, or flipped to instantaneously convert to an open workstation for collaborative work.

How does it work?  One half of the patented magnetic mounts are permanently mounted to the bottom of the worksurface for stability. The second magnetic mount is securely attached to the desk panel. Pop it on with the higher portion above the desk for privacy or flip it and reattach it with that portion below for collaboration or modesty. The mounting hardware also allows the panels to be mounted flush against the desk or with up to a 1” gap to allow for wire management.

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SwitchIT™ panels are available in several widths and in 2 heights. Don't see the size you need, call or chat with us online.

SwitchIT™ Materials and Finishes

NRC rated up to 0.9. our 3/4" (18mm) Acoustic EchoScape™ material is available in 8 colors.
  • Oat P316 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)Oat P316
    EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
    • Oat P316 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Oat P316
    • Sandstone P304 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Sandstone P304
    • Pear P303 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Pear P303
    • Spruce P323 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Spruce P323
    • Denim P318 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Denim P318
    • Cobalt P302 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Cobalt P302
    • Iced Grey P306 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Iced Grey P306
    • Ash P300 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Ash P300
    • Slate P305 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Slate P305
    • Charcoal P301 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Charcoal P301

SwitchIT™ Mounting Options

Patented magnetic mounts are permanently mounted to bottom of worksurface and to panels for easy release and realignment.
Flexible mounting options allow panels can be mounted flush against the desk or with up to a 1” gap to allow for wire management.
Patented magnet mount assembly merges with most furniture solutions.
Panels can be used on any worksurface thickness.

Product Information

Acoustic EchoScape™ Test Results Click here to view NRC test results for our acoustic EchoScape.
Production Lead Time Call for current lead times
Freight Terms Free Shipping on 10 or more of any product. See our freight program for more information. Freight Program
Fully Customizable Additional sizes, shapes, core materials and mounting options possible. Call, email or chat with us online for more information.

Cost-Effective Acoustic Solution

Dampen up to 90% of ambient noise

SwitchIT™Desk panels are manufactured from our high NRC rated EchoScape™ material and dampens up to 90% of ambient noise. Lightweight, tackable and 100% recyclable, SwitchIT™ panels are sustainable and easy to move at any time.

NRC rated acoustic EchoScape™ material available



Customize Your Way

Take Your Space To The Next Level

Need a custom size, material or design for your SwitchIT™, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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