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RE|WORK Existing Office Layouts

Create Physical Space Separation And Less Dense Work Environments
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Quick Shipping Available

MergeWorks is now offering a 5-Day Quick Ship Program to meet your “back to work” needs.

Eligible products include:

  • Enclave™ Privacy Plus Wing Panels
  • Enclave™ Sneeze Guard Panels
  • Enclave™ Panels
  • Stackers -Work Station Screens

Quick ship orders are limited to quantity of 20 or less.  For larger orders, or other products, please contact us at 800-597-1195 or email

 - MergeWorks®
Featuring our Balk Design  - MergeWorks®
Featuring our Balk Design
Acoustic Solutions

EchoDeco® Beam Baffles

Quiet, Striking, and Versatile

Improve sound control and enhance room acoustics with EchoDeco® Beam Baffles.  Effective and affordable, the acoustic sound baffles create a comfortable environment with added style. Available in 5 styles and in an array of colors including wood grain patterns that enhance any room aesthetics, EchoDeco® Beam Baffles optimize sound quality by minimizing echoes and background noise.

Customers That Trust Our Products

First Energy
Sally Beauty
T. Marzetti
US Air Force
American Red Cross
Johns Hopkins University
University of Michigan

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