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Artistry™ by MergeWorks

RE|INSPIRE and Energize

RE|INSPIRE and energize the workplace. Want to jazz up your space while tackling the practical needs for privacy and separation? MergeWorks’ introduces Artistry™, our curated line of materials and products that adds that “WOW” factor back into the workplace.

MergeWorks has partnered with Lumicor® to offer designer resins in many of our products*. Inspire creativity, take a look at our line of designer acrylics for your privacy panel and room divider solutions.

*Minimum Order Quantity – 4 products per designer resin.


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Lumicor Finishes

Choose from a wide variety of finishes. Combine materials and colors to create your signature look.
  • Cirrus Ivory LM101 - LumicorCirrus Ivory LM101
    • Cirrus Ivory LM101 - Lumicor
      Cirrus Ivory LM101
    • White Fiberoptic LM102 - Lumicor
      White Fiberoptic LM102
    • Vena LM103 - Lumicor
      Vena LM103
    • Fuse Garnet LM104 - Lumicor
      Fuse Garnet LM104
    • Oyster Linen LM105 - Lumicor
      Oyster Linen LM105
    • Rhythm LM106 - Lumicor
      Rhythm LM106
    • Ovalesque Print LM201 - Lumicor
      Ovalesque Print LM201
    • Helix LM202 - Lumicor
      Helix LM202
    • Walden Dusk LM203 - Lumicor
      Walden Dusk LM203
    • Kauri LM204 - Lumicor
      Kauri LM204
    • Koori LM205 - Lumicor
      Koori LM205
    • Take II LM206 - Lumicor
      Take II LM206

Designer Acrylics

Add a distinct style to separation and privacy solutions by combining Lumicor resin decors with MergeWorks’ extensive line of desk dividers, room dividers and modular panels. The combination of flexible and adaptable MergeWorks products combined with Lumicor designer resins results in the creation of a memorable work environment encompassing design, privacy, comfort, and space separation.

Customize Your Way

Take Your Space To The Next Level

Need a custom size, material or design for your workspace, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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