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Become A Dealer

Apply to become a MergeWorks Dealer today. Complete our dealer application below along with a credit application, if interested in establishing payment terms. MergeWorks also offers our Dealers an extensive showroom sample program and SPIFF incentive. For more details, see below.

Dealer Showroom Sample Program

Seeing is believing…. The best way for customers to experience the quality and functionality of MergeWorks’ products is for them to be displayed at our Dealer’s showrooms and in their facilities. As an incentive for our Dealers to create an engaging display of our products, we have created this special Dealer Sample program.

Details are as follows:

  • Dealers who wish to display products in their showroom may purchase up to a maximum of $10,000 list price, at a 50/50 discount.
  • Standard freight program applies.
  • Showroom Order invoices are net 180 days unless:
    • During the 180-day invoice period, the Dealer places orders totaling a minimum of ten times (10X) the Net dollar value of the Showroom Order.  In that case, the Showroom Order invoice will be voided.  Original freight on the invoice is not considered a part of the Showroom Order total.
  • Purchase Order must have “SHOWROOM” included in PO field, as well as a note in the memo field.
  • Contact your Rep for an SPA code for your showroom order and submit your SPA code with PO.
  • MergeWorks’ Management reserves the right to limit a Dealer on the amount of Showroom Orders it places, and to decline to extend this program to any Dealer at any time.
  • If showroom product is sold during the open 6-month invoice term, the invoice will become due immediately.  However, it can be replaced with a new Showroom Order which will include the above billing terms.
  • Showroom samples apply to standard products only; no custom or tailored products allowed.
  • Standard lead-times apply.

Artistry Dealer Showroom Samples

  • Dealers who wish to purchase Artistry products for their showroom may do so at a
    50/25 discount, up to maximum of $5,000 list price.
  • All other terms and conditions above will apply to Artistry Dealer showroom samples.

Below is a list of the Lumicor® resin designs and products which are available in our Dealer Showroom Sample program.

Resins available for the Dealer Sample Program:

  • All 100 Series resin designs

Enclave and Stacker panels sizes included in program:

  • 23” w x 18” h
  • 29” w x 18” h
  • 48” w x 18” h
  • 23” w x 24” h
  • 29” w x 24” h
  • 48” w x 24” h

Villa Walls included in the program:

  • Any sizes listed on Artistry data sheet

Notch Wall sizes included in program:

  • 48” w x 62”h
  • 48” w x 72”h



Customize Your Way

Take Your Space To The Next Level

Need a custom size, material or design for your workspace solution, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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