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Product Videos

Watch our videos and learn more about our products.

Acoustic Solutions

  • Hear the Sound Difference - Demonstrating Acoustic Comfort
    In this video Darrell, National Sales Manager and Certified Technology Specialist, walks you through the steps to create acoustic solutions for your customers. From pro tips to an easy-to-use use online acoustic calculator, he gives you the tools needed to create effective solutions that improve acoustic comfort while adding functionality and aesthetics to any space.
  • Acoustic Planning for Interior Commercial Spaces - IDCEC
    Gain the knowledge and tools to help you become more effective when designing acoustic solutions. Presented by MergeWorks' National Sales Manager, Darrell Couts.
  • Acoustic Workshop for Dealers
    In this acoustic webinar, Darrell takes you through a deep dive on the basics of acoustics. He also demonstrates the MergeWorks' acoustic calculator that helps determine the proper amount of highly acoustic material needed to provide acoustic comfort. Lastly he provides useful pro tips to ensure your acoustic solutions are effective.


  • Re|Work Your Existing Layout
    Re|Work your existing office layout to create a safe and flexible work environment. MergeWorks solutions are adaptable and versatile, providing safety and comfort in the workplace.
  • ReWork Your Existing Layout - Product Highlights
    Re|Work your existing office layout to create a safe and flexible work environment. Take a look the specific products that can help make your workplace safe, comfortable and acoustically balanced.
  • SwitchIT™ Desk Dividers
    MergeWorks’ new and innovative SwitchIT™ desk panel solution strikes the right balance between privacy and collaborative environments. Our patent pending mounting system allows the user the freedom to control their environment from day to day. Once the SwitchIT™ acoustic desk panel is mounted, it can be placed above the desk for a quiet, distraction free work zone, or flipped to instantaneously convert to an open workstation for collaborative work.
  • TruBrite™ Whiteboards
    Share ideas and capture creativity with Merge Works TruBrite™ Mobile Whiteboards. Non-ghosting and easy to clean, TruBrite™ HPL whiteboards are available in 2 contemporary aluminum frame designs with mobile or free-standing foot options.
  • Enclave™ Panel Desk Dividers
    A video introducing our Enclave™ Panel Desk Dividers, including an overview of our five styles and how to use all seven different mounting options.
  • Uptown™ and Midtown™ Desk Divider Panels
    Merge Works’ Uptown™ and Midtown™ desk divider series offers an all-in-one privacy solution in a single convenient panel which protects your privacy above and below your desk.

Product Demos and Tutorials

  • How to Build a Website Quote
    This quick tutorial teaches you how to build a quote on our website. You'll learn to create an account, build your quote and save, print or email your quotes.
  • Roadshow Product Demo -Room Dividers and Modular Panels
    MergeWorks is on the road visiting Dealers. Join Cindy Cohn, COO, for an in-depth look at our room dividers and modular panels. Build and create meeting rooms, collaboration huddle spaces, breakrooms, waiting rooms and private areas effortlessly with mobile or free standing room dividers. Functional, affordable, and flexible room dividers maximize your current space without incurring costly construction.
  • Roadshow Product Demo - Acoustic Solutions
    MergeWorks is on the road visiting Dealers. In this video, Darrell Couts, National Sales Manager, explains the advantages of adding acoustic solutions to reduce noise levels and takes you through our acoustic products and solutions.
  • Roadshow Product Demo - Stackers
    MergeWorks is on the road visiting Dealers. In this video Lisa Bond, Director of Marketing, takes you through all the options available in our Stackers™, cubicle extender panels. With multiple mounting options, Stackers™ install easily on top of most office cubicle panel systems to provide both a visual and sound barrier between workstations to reduce distractions, interruptions and absorb sound.


  • EchoScape™ Acoustic Material
    Hear the acoustic benefits of our EchoScape™ material for yourself as our National Sales Manager, Darrell Couts, demonstrates the effective sound absorption of EchoScape while in our loud manufacturing facility.

Installation Videos

  • EchoDeco Mosaic Installation
    This quick video takes you through the step to install your Mosaic Tile, easy, acoustic and stunning.
  • Adhesive Removable Mount Strips
    Step by step quick guide on using our adhesive removable mounting strips.
  • Zag Wall™ Assembly
    Step by step instructions to assembly the Zag Wall™ with freestanding feet.
  • Enclave Edge Clamp-Knob
    Step-by-step installation of our Enclave Edge Clamp - Knob (CEK)
  • Enclave Edge Mount - Lever
    Step-by-step installation of our Enclave Edge Clamp - Lever (CEL).
  • Enclave Edge Clamp- Hex (CEH)
    Step-by-step installation of our Enclave Edge Clamp - Hex (CEH).
  • Enclave Edge Clamp - Gap Knob (CEKG)
    Step-by-step installation of our Enclave Edge Clamp - Gap Knob (CEKG).
  • Enclave Free Standing Feet (FS)
    Step-by-step installation of our Enclave Free Standing Feet (FS).
  • Enclave Middle Clamp - Single Lever (CMS)
    Step-by-step installation of our Enclave Middle Clamp - Single Lever (CMS).
  • Enclave Middle Clamp - Knob
    Step-by-step installation of our Enclave Middle Clamp - Knob (CMKS).
  • Enclave and Stackers Invisible Mount (IM)
    Step-by-step installation of our Enclave and Stackers Invisible Mount (IM).
  • Stackers Clamp-On Mount (TW.C)
    Step-by-step installation instructions on our Stacker Tower Clamp-On Mount (TW.C). This mount is available in 3 sizes. Tower Small Clamp-on Mount fits 1.0" to 1.62" workstation panels widths. Tower Medium Clamp-on Mount fits 1.9" to 3.0" workstation panels widths. Tower Large Clamp-on Mount fits 2.9" to 4.0" workstation panels widths.
  • Stackers Extender Panels for Glass Workstations - Double Square Mount (DSQ)
    Step-by-step instructions on how to install our Stacker extender panel onto an existing glass workstation panel using our Double Square Mount (DSQ).

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