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Privacy Solution - MergeWorks®

Need Privacy In Your Space?

Understanding Privacy Needs

Striking the right balance between privacy and collaboration is crucial in any workplace, now more so than ever. For many workers, the noise, distractions and lack of privacy in an open office can be detrimental to performance and job satisfaction.  MergeWorks’ flexible and functional furniture solutions give workers back their privacy while still promoting collaboration.

Why Do You Need Privacy? - MergeWorks®

Why Do You Need Privacy?

Pinpointing Privacy Issues

Improving visual and sound privacy without sacrificing collaboration is a delicate balance. No one wants to be closed off from their co-workers, but no one wants to feel like people are peering over their shoulders either.

The first step is to determine the type and level of privacy that’s needed.  Do you need workstation privacy above the desk or above and below the desk? Our Enclave panels are mounted above the desk, and can merge with most existing furniture. For maximum above the desk privacy, check out our 30” high Terrace panels. Or look at our Uptown and Midtown desk dividers for an all-in-one, above and below the desk privacy panel.  For visual and sound privacy, all of our dividers can be made from our acoustic EchoScape material. With an NRC rating of up to 0.9, EchoScape desk dividers can absorb up to 90% of ambient sound.

Do you need separate private workspaces, and are they permanent or flexible? Take a look at our Modular Panels, our single or dual material core panels can be mounted with feet or wheels for a flexible and adaptable workspace.

Do your collaboration areas need to be contained as to not bother the rest of the office? Why not create collaboration area with walls of Whiteboard-privacy and writing surfaces together—see our Modular Panels and Dry Erase boards. Or check out our Urban Wall room dividers. With 2-6-core materials per panel, you can create collaboration areas that match your brand or office décor.

How Does Privacy Work? - MergeWorks®

How Does Privacy Work?

Solving Privacy Issues

Privacy can be added to any work environment.  MergeWorks’ offers a wide assortment of desk divider panels, room dividers, modular panels, and mobile dry erase boards that merge seamlessly with existing furniture to provide the right amount of both visual and sound privacy in materials and colors that match your office décor or brand.

MergeWorks products are designed to be flexible and adaptable solutions that can be permanent or moveable.  If you don’t see exactly what you have in mind, give us a call or chat with us online so we can help you customize our products to fit your workspace.

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