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Wall Mounted Fabric Tackboards

Visual Display Solutions

RE|POSITION, communicate, and create with MergeWorks Wall Mounted Fabric Tackboards.  A contemporary style with maximum display area, Wall Mounted Fabric Tackboards are available in 32 fabric colors.

Ideal for individual use or as a communication board, Wall Mounted Fabric Tackboards enhance the look of your space while adding an effective information tool.

  • Choose from 32 fabrics
  • Available in several widths and heights
  • Radius or Square corners
  • (2) Hanging options available
  • Customize with your COM fabric
  • Made in the USA

CAD symbols are available by contacting our customer service team by phone 800-597-1195, email, or chat.

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Build Your Wall Mounted Fabric Tackboards

Select from our 2 styles and multiple sizes. Call us for custom sizes.

CAD symbols are available by contacting our customer service team by phone 800-597-1195, email, or chat.

Wall Mounted Fabric Tackboards Materials and Finishes

Choose from a wide pallet of rich colors and a variety of materials. Combine materials and colors to create your signature look.
  • Euro (Origin) F102 - Fabrics 100 SeriesEuro (Origin) F102
    Fabrics 100 Series
    • Euro (Origin) F102 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Euro (Origin) F102
    • Poppy (Origin) F104 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Poppy (Origin) F104
    • Arundel (Origin) F112 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Arundel (Origin) F112
    • Stately (Origin) F113 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Stately (Origin) F113
    • Basalt (Origin)  F122 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Basalt (Origin) F122
    • Jet (Origin) F123 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Jet (Origin) F123
    • Iron (Origin) F121 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Iron (Origin) F121
    • Steel (Origin) F120 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Steel (Origin) F120
    • Sapphire (Origin) F114 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Sapphire (Origin) F114
    • Sodalite (Origin) F108 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Sodalite (Origin) F108
  • Slate (Feltro) F232 - Fabrics 200 SeriesSlate (Feltro) F232
    Fabrics 200 Series
    • Slate (Feltro) F232 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Slate (Feltro) F232
    • Steel (Feltro) F237  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Steel (Feltro) F237
    • Shadow (Feltro) F241 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Shadow (Feltro) F241
    • Baltic (Feltro) F238  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Baltic (Feltro) F238
    • Dusk (Feltro) F242  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Dusk (Feltro) F242
    • Birch (Feltro)  F233 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Birch (Feltro) F233
    • Twig (Feltro) F235 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Twig (Feltro) F235
    • Spa (Feltro)  F239 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Spa (Feltro) F239
    • Ink (Feltro)  F243 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Ink (Feltro) F243
    • Sand (Feltro)  F234 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Sand (Feltro) F234
    • Celadine (Feltro) F236  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Celadine (Feltro) F236
    • Sprout (Feltro)  F240  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Sprout (Feltro) F240
    • Cayenne (Feltro) F244 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Cayenne (Feltro) F244
    • Moon  (Deka) F245 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Moon (Deka) F245
    • Mercury (Deka) F252  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Mercury (Deka) F252
    • Pewter (Deka) F256  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Pewter (Deka) F256
    • Refresh (Deka) F247  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Refresh (Deka) F247
    • Rain (Deka) F249  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Rain (Deka) F249
    • Nordic (Deka) F253  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Nordic (Deka) F253
    • Charcoal (Deka) F257  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Charcoal (Deka) F257
    • Peridot (Deka) F250  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Peridot (Deka) F250
    • Copper (Deka)  F254  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Copper (Deka) F254
    • Bisque (Deka) F251  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Bisque (Deka) F251
    • Driftwood (Deka) F255  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Driftwood (Deka) F255
    • Pumice (Deka)  F246 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Pumice (Deka) F246
    • Sage (Deka)  F248 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Sage (Deka) F248
    • Dove (Infinity) F223 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Dove (Infinity) F223
    • Barley (Infinity) F210 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Barley (Infinity) F210
    • Stucco (Infinity) F221 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Stucco (Infinity) F221
    • Aluminum (Infinity) F222 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Aluminum (Infinity) F222
    • Gull (Infinity) F230 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Gull (Infinity) F230
    • Pewter (Infinity) F231 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Pewter (Infinity) F231
    • Aster (Infinity) F219 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Aster (Infinity) F219
    • Rinse (Infinity) F214 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Rinse (Infinity) F214
    • Capri (Infinity) F218 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Capri (Infinity) F218
    • Beyond (Infinity) F220 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Beyond (Infinity) F220

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Hanging Options Strap Mount Wall Hanging Kit, French Cleat Wall Hanging Kit

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