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EchoDeco™ Tiles

Set the tone in your workspace

Acoustics is key for any environment, EchoDeco tiles with an NRC rating of 0.85 reduce reverb and unwanted noise.  Cover an entire wall, add a border, or create a mural – Acoustic EchoDeco Tiles let you create an acoustically balanced quiet space while creating a visual interesting environment.

Easy to install, EchoDeco Tiles are available in multiple designs and colors for endless layouts. Sustainable and eco-friendly, acoustic EchoDeco Tiles are manufacturing using a polyester fiber made from 60% post-consumer recycled plastic PE water bottles.

  • Sold in sets of quantity (8) Tiles
  • EchoDeco Tile thickness – 3/8” (9mm) with an NRC rating of 0.85
  • Available in 19 colors
  • Hanging options: removable adhesive system or permanently mounted using a standard construction adhesive (sold separately)
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom designs available

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Build Your EchoDeco™ Tiles

Select from several designs and color options for endless design possibilities. Sold in sets of (8) Tiles. Don’t see the size you need, give us a call or chat with us online.

Material Thickness

EchoScape™ 3/8” (9mm) NRC rated up to 0.85. Click here to view NRC test results.

Choose Your Design

Select from one of our many designs or send us your design for a custom Tile. Sold in sets of (8) Tiles.
  • Wave D201 - EchoDeco TilesWave D201
    EchoDeco Tiles
    • Wave D201 - EchoDeco Tiles
      Wave D201
    • Focus D202 - EchoDeco Tiles
      Focus D202
    • Prism D203 - EchoDeco Tiles
      Prism D203
    • Bias D204 - EchoDeco Tiles
      Bias D204
    • Arrow D205 - EchoDeco Tiles
      Arrow D205
    • Infinity D206 - EchoDeco Tiles
      Infinity D206
    • Plaid D207 - EchoDeco Tiles
      Plaid D207
    • Junction D208 - EchoDeco Tiles
      Junction D208
    • Interlock D209 - EchoDeco Tiles
      Interlock D209

Choose Your Color

  • Ash P100 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)Ash P100
    EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
    • Ash P100 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
      Ash P100
    • Charcoal P101 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
      Charcoal P101
    • Cobalt P102 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
      Cobalt P102
    • Pear P103 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
      Pear P103
    • Slate P105 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
      Slate P105
    • Iced Grey P106 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
      Iced Grey P106
    • Linen P107 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
      Linen P107
    • Ruby P108 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
      Ruby P108
    • Tangerine P109 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
      Tangerine P109
    • Violet P110 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
      Violet P110
    • Sunflower P111 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
      Sunflower P111
    • Green Apple P112 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
      Green Apple P112
    • Cornflower P113 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
      Cornflower P113
    • Aqua P115 - EchoDeco Tiles 3/8″ (9MM)
      Aqua P115

Install Your Panel

Hang your Tiles with removable adhesive or permanently mount them using a standard construction adhesive (sold separately).

Product Information

Acoustic EchoScape™ NRC Test Results Click here to view NRC test results for our acoustic EchoScape.
Packaging and Production Lead Time Sold in sets of (8) Tiles. Call for current lead times
Freight Free Shipping on 10 or more of any product. See our freight program for more information. Freight Program
Fully Customizable Additional sizes, core panel materials and colors possible. Call, chat or email us for more information.

Customize Your Way

Take Your Space To The Next Level

Need a custom size, material or design for your EchoDeco™ Tile give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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