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Duplex Wall™

Modular Panels

Define your space with Duplex Walls™.  Lightweight and easy to install, the 2-core panel Duplex Wall™ is ideal for creating custom cubicles, workstations, study carrels or dividing space without incurring the costly expense of cubicle systems or permanent construction.  Build your Duplex Wall™ by designing each panel, then connect them together to create flexible spaces that work for you.

2 frame colors available – framework is constructed using lightweight aluminum extrusion, anodized or powder coated for an aesthetic and durable finish
• Ships fully assembled
• Design your Duplex Wall using 4 materials, each in a wide array of rich colors
• Modular panels can be hinged together to create 2, 3 or 4-way configurations
• Made in the USA

Design and specify in CET, request our extension now.  Need CAD symbols?
Contact our customer service team by phone 800-597-1195, email, or chat.

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Build Your Duplex Wall™

Room dividers and modular panels are available in a variety of lengths and width. Don’t see the size you need, give us a call or chat with us now.

Design and specify in CET, request our extension now.  Need CAD symbols?
Contact our customer service team by phone 800-597-1195, email, or chat.

Duplex Wall™ Materials and Finishes

Choose from a wide pallet of rich colors and a variety of materials. Combine materials and colors to create your signature look.
  • Frosted Acrylic FRO - Frosted AcrylicsFrosted Acrylic FRO
    Frosted Acrylics
    • Frosted Acrylic FRO - Frosted Acrylics
      Frosted Acrylic FRO
    • Dark Blue A10 - Frosted Acrylics
      Dark Blue A10
    • Light Blue A11 - Frosted Acrylics
      Light Blue A11
    • Lime Green A12 - Frosted Acrylics
      Lime Green A12
    • Moss Green A13 - Frosted Acrylics
      Moss Green A13
    • Yellow A14 - Frosted Acrylics
      Yellow A14
    • Orange A15 - Frosted Acrylics
      Orange A15
    • Red A16 - Frosted Acrylics
      Red A16
    • Pink A17 - Frosted Acrylics
      Pink A17
  • Gaia F101 - Fabrics 100 SeriesGaia F101
    Fabrics 100 Series
    • Gaia F101 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Gaia F101
    • Mikan F103 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Mikan F103
    • Poppy F104 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Poppy F104
    • Euro F102 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Euro F102
    • Sapphire F114 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Sapphire F114
    • Sodalite F108 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Sodalite F108
    • Arundel F112 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Arundel F112
    • Iron F121 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Iron F121
    • Stately F113 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Stately F113
    • Steel F120 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Steel F120
    • Basalt F122 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Basalt F122
    • Jet F123 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Jet F123
  • Barley F210 - Fabrics 200 SeriesBarley F210
    Fabrics 200 Series
    • Barley F210 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Barley F210
    • Sable F211 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Sable F211
    • Java F212 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Java F212
    • Lemongrass F213 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Lemongrass F213
    • Rinse F214 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Rinse F214
    • Radiant F215 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Radiant F215
    • Tyrian F216 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Tyrian F216
    • Hyacinth F217 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Hyacinth F217
    • Capri F218 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Capri F218
    • Aster F219 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Aster F219
    • Beyond F220 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Beyond F220
    • Stucco F221 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Stucco F221
    • Aluminum F222 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Aluminum F222
    • Dove F223 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Dove F223
    • Links F224 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Links F224
    • Atoll F225 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Atoll F225
    • Maize F226 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Maize F226
    • Papaya F227 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Papaya F227
    • Macintosh F228 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Macintosh F228
    • Berry F229 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Berry F229
    • Gull F230 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Gull F230
    • Pewter F231 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Pewter F231
  • Phantom Ecru L100 - LaminatesPhantom Ecru L100
    • Phantom Ecru L100 - Laminates
      Phantom Ecru L100
    • Soft Gold Mesh L101 - Laminates
      Soft Gold Mesh L101
    • Fusion Maple L120 - Laminates
      Fusion Maple L120
    • New Age Oak L102 - Laminates
      New Age Oak L102
    • Huntington Maple L118 - Laminates
      Huntington Maple L118
    • Windswept Bronze L103 - Laminates
      Windswept Bronze L103
    • Black Walnut L104 - Laminates
      Black Walnut L104
    • Cafelle L107 - Laminates
      Cafelle L107
    • Grey Elm L121 - Laminates
      Grey Elm L121
    • Bleached Legno L105 - Laminates
      Bleached Legno L105
    • Asian Night L119 - Laminates
      Asian Night L119
    • Smokey Brown Pear L106 - Laminates
      Smokey Brown Pear L106
    • Blackened Legno L108 - Laminates
      Blackened Legno L108
    • Brite White L109 - Laminates
      Brite White L109
    • Folkstone L110 - Laminates
      Folkstone L110
    • Citadel Warp L111 - Laminates
      Citadel Warp L111
    • Beluga Beige L112 - Laminates
      Beluga Beige L112
    • White Drops L113 - Laminates
      White Drops L113
    • Woolamai Brush L114 - Laminates
      Woolamai Brush L114
    • Blue Agave L115 - Laminates
      Blue Agave L115
    • Hollyberry L116 - Laminates
      Hollyberry L116
    • Clementine L117 - Laminates
      Clementine L117
  • Whiteboard WB - TruBrite™ WhiteboardWhiteboard WB
    TruBrite™ Whiteboard
    • Whiteboard WB - TruBrite™ Whiteboard
      Whiteboard WB

Duplex Wall™ Foot Options and Accessories

Room dividers ship fully assembled. Simply add your foot option and include hinges if connecting panels together. The Universal Hinge allows you to create a 2, 3, or 4-way panel connection in which the angle can be adjusted between the connecting panels.
Foot Options 4 Wheels, 2 Wheels/ 1 Free Standing Foot, 2 Wheels/1 Leveler, Free Standing – 2 Feet, 1 Foot/1 Leveler, 2 Levelers, No Feet
Universal Hinge Kit Connects panels together to create 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way configurations
Wall Mount Hinge Kit Connect one side of panel to stationary wall

Product Information

Production Lead Time Call for current lead times
Freight Free Shipping on 10 or more of any product. See our freight program for more information. Freight Program
Fully Customizable Additional sizes, core panels, materials and colors possible. Call, chat or email us for more information.

Customize Your Way

Divide Your Space, Your Way

Need a custom size, material or design for your Duplex Wall modular panel, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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