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EchoDeco® Villa Wall™

Free Standing Acoustic Panels

Acoustic, decorative, and mobile—the freestanding EchoDeco® Villa Wall™ fits the bill to complete any space. Versatile and functional, the EchoDeco Villa Wall can be hinged together to create quiet huddle spaces, break rooms, waiting rooms and private work areas without incurring costly construction. For an instant reconfiguration, add casters to move walls whenever and wherever needed.

EchoDeco Villa Walls divide space and provide acoustic comfort with a “WOW” factor. Our 2-sided wall features your design differently on each side. One side will feature your cut-in design on top of your base color. The opposite side uses the pop-out pieces from your design to allow the base color to take center stage.

Configure and Quote

See Data Sheet for More Info

Build Your EchoDeco® Villa Wall™

Select from 6 different panel designs & 3 design finishes. Don’t see the size you need, give us a call or chat with us online.

Material Thickness

EchoScape™ 3/8” (9mm) NRC rated up to 0.85. Click here to view NRC test results.

Choose Your Design

Custom designs possible, give us a call for more info.
  • Fizzy D002 - EchoDeco Villa WallsFizzy D002
    EchoDeco Villa Walls
    • Fizzy D002 - EchoDeco Villa Walls
      Fizzy D002
    • Dash D005 - EchoDeco Villa Walls
      Dash D005
    • Branches D009 - EchoDeco Villa Walls
      Branches D009
    • Constellation D010 - EchoDeco Villa Walls
      Constellation D010
    • Strata D017 - EchoDeco Villa Walls
      Strata D017
    • Fiesta D020 - EchoDeco Villa Walls
      Fiesta D020

Choose Your Color

  • Snow P114 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)Snow P114
    EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
    • Snow P114 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Snow P114
    • Canvas P126 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Canvas P126
    • Overcast  P124 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Overcast P124
    • Oat P116 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Oat P116
    • Cocoa P121 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Cocoa P121
    • Sunflower P111 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Sunflower P111
    • Tangerine P109 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Tangerine P109
    • Ruby P108 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Ruby P108
    • Aqua P115 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Aqua P115
    • Pear P103 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Pear P103
    • Moss P120 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Moss P120
    • Spruce P123 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Spruce P123
    • Sky P117 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Sky P117
    • Blueprint P125 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Blueprint P125
    • Denim P118 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Denim P118
    • Cobalt P102 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Cobalt P102
    • Midnight P119 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Midnight P119
    • Iced Grey P106 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Iced Grey P106
    • Ash P100 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Ash P100
    • Slate P105 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Slate P105
    • Charcoal P101 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Charcoal P101
    • Jet P122 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Jet P122

EchoDeco® Villa Wall™ Foot Options and Accessories

Villa Walls ship fully assembled. Simply add your foot option and include hinges if connecting panels together. The Universal Hinge allows you to create a 2-, 3-, or 4-way panel connection in which the angle can be adjusted between the connecting panels.
Foot Options 4 Wheels, 2 Wheels/1 Free Standing Foot, 2 Wheels/1 Leveler, Free Standing – 2 Feet, 1 Foot/1 Leveler, 2 Levelers, No Feet

Product Information

Acoustic EchoScape™ NRC Test Results Click here to view NRC test results for our acoustic EchoScape.
Production Lead Time Call for current lead times
Freight Free Shipping on 10 or more of any product. See our freight program for more information. Freight Program
Fully Customizable Additional sizes, core panel materials and colors possible. Call, chat or email us for more information.

Acoustic, Decorative and Mobile

Artistry™ Partitions

Our 2-sided EchoDeco Villa Wall features different designs on each side. One side will feature your cut-in design on top of your base color. The opposite side uses the pop-out pieces from your design to allow the base color to take center stage.

  • Our 9mm acoustic EchoScape™ material with an NRC ratingof 0.85 effectively controls noise by absorbing sound
  • Choose your design from 6 designs and 19 colors
  • Framework is constructed using lightweight aluminum extrusion and available in black and silver
  • Ships fully assembled, just add your foot option
  • Custom designs possible

Customize Your Way

Take Your Space To The Next Level

Need a custom size, material or design for your EchoDeco® Villa Wall, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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