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Love your space by reducing auditory distractions

  • March 2, 2021
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Love your space by reducing auditory distractions - Texas MedClinic Careers

When returning to work, it is easy to get distracted by the hustle and bustle of the office that you are no longer used to. Working in a noisy environment can pose several challenges and can affect employee productivity. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), noise is the main contributor of workplace stress. Believe it or not, you can take back your space and turn your office in a productive environment you love.

When finding solutions for auditory distractions, it is important to pinpoint the source of the noises. Maybe there are coworkers speaking nearby or your space is filled with the sounds of loud office equipment. With an NRC rating of 0.9, ¾” (18mm) thick EchoScape™ material absorbs up to 90% of sound that impacts it. Manufactured from polyester fiber made from 60% post-consumer recycled plastic PET water bottles, the acoustic EchoScape™ material is lightweight, tackable, high impact resistant, VOC-free, and 100% recyclable. MergeWorks has a variety of customizable products using the EchoScape™ material that can maximize sound privacy while adding color to your office space.

  • EchoDeco™ Wall Panels improve sound privacy by reducing room echo and absorbing sound, resulting in better focus, reduced distractions, and stress. Hanging acoustic panels can be used to cover walls or divide spaces, making them a cost-effective solution with nearly endless possibilities to improve a room’s acoustics. EchoDeco™ Wall Panels are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors. Customizable designs on the panels make them not only functional, but decorative as well!
  • EchoScape™ desk dividers absorb noise that impend your work environment and cause distraction. The Enclave™ desk divider panels are not only a great solution for sound privacy, but also provide visual privacy, helping employees stay focused, productive, and happy. With your choice of color options and design cutouts, these panels can be customized to fit your existing office décor. Whether you want a permanent or removable mounting option, installation is easy and convenient.

Room dividers and modular panels with acoustic EchoScape™ absorb sounds while adding the ability to divide and maximizing space.

  • Urban Wall™ room dividers help you create meeting rooms, collaboration huddle spaces, break rooms, customer or patient waiting rooms, and private work areas. EchoScape™ effectively improve sound privacy by reducing room echo and absorbing sound. Customize room dividers to fit the functions you need in your office whether you need them to be freestanding or on mobile casters, your options are limitless.
  • EchoScape™ modular panels help divide and maximize your space while improving acoustics. Based on your needs, you can custom design your Villa™, Duplex™ or Notch Wall™ with a variety of screen styles, colors, sizes, and installation options. With the flexibility and versatility to choose between mobile or free-standing panels, it is easy to create a more efficient use of your space.

Mix and match MergeWorks’ products to create a custom solution for your space’s acoustic needs leading to increased productivity and happier employees. Start finding a solution for your office, get in touch with our customer service team who are available to answer your questions. Please reach out to them at 800-597-1195 or email

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