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5 Ways to RE|Work your Office Space with MergeWorks

  • April 9, 2021
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5 Ways to RE|Work your Office Space with MergeWorks - Texas MedClinic Careers

With more employees coming back into the office, the workplace is leaving behind the open concept and steadily transitioning into an office designed to help employees feel safe while they work. Here are 5 ways to RE|WORK existing office layouts to create physical space separation and less dense work environments while meeting the needs of your employees:

  1. Add Privacy. For many employees, not having the privacy they require can be disruptive to their workflow. The amount of privacy needed can vary from person to person. If an employee needs a permanent solution, desk dividers merge seamlessly with existing furniture to give employees the privacy that they need. Available in a variety of materials, desk dividers can also be used for personal organization and planning if materials such as tackable fabric or whiteboard are chosen. Other employees may prefer to adjust their workspace privacy as needed. Some desk dividers are flexible solutions that can be adjusted to change from private workspaces to collaborate spaces effectively, creating a perfect balance to provide employees with more control over their environment.
  2. Create Space. Creating space is important for the flow of the office. Not only will employees need to be spaced out, but it is important to designate areas of the office for specific tasks. Modular Panels and Room Dividers are functional options for building separate areas that can be easily reconfigured with a variety of materials and foot options. Whether the spaces are needed for safe and quiet waiting rooms or huddle zones, designating spaces will bring a new vibe to the office.
  3. Present and Collaborate Effectively. When presenting and collaborating, it is important to make sure that you not only have space for it, but that you also have all the proper tools. Whiteboards and glass boards, both wall mounted and mobile, are excellent options for presenting and proposing ideas. Mobile boards allow you to share ideas from room to room, while wall mounted whiteboards can add a quick and easy place to share creativity in any huddle room.
  4. Set the Tone with Acoustic Solutions. Uncontrolled noise can contribute to stress in the office, resulting in loss of productivity for employees. Acoustic solutions come in a variety of designs to reduce noise and distractions. Some desk dividers are available with acoustic materials to help employees keep focused at their own workspaces. Acoustic panels can be hung from ceilings or walls to improve room acoustics while creating an inspiring environment. Various patterns, shapes, design cut outs and colors can brighten up the workplace while turning a noisy office space into a highly functioning environment.
  5. Customize Your Space. Sometimes standard products do not meet the requirements. MergeWorks specializes in custom solutions. If you have been struggling to find the perfect solution that matches the needs for your workspace, our team will help you define, design and manufacture the perfect solution that will fit your aesthetics.

As the new office continues to evolve, so will the needs of your employees. RE|WORK your space to become more dynamic, giving your office the flexibility that employees are needing within the ever-changing work environment.

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