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Ways to RE|WORK Your Office Workspace

  • June 16, 2021
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Ways to RE|WORK Your Office Workspace - Texas MedClinic Careers

Social distancing measures have dramatically changed our everyday living including places of work. Many companies are “reworking” office spaces in response to the pandemic but also to alleviate employees’ fears of returning to office life. Before the pandemic, many offices had moved away from the “cubicle farm” to an open concept layout. While the open concept was thought to be beneficial for improving collaboration it has now become problematic for social distancing standards. Many companies are now asking themselves “How do we adapt existing office layouts to promote social distancing?” A simple cost-effective way to divide office workspace is using partition walls.

What are the types of office partition walls?

Office partition panels come in different types and sizes. A business should choose partition panels based on design and space requirements.

  1.     Modular Panels

Divide and maximize your current space with MergeWorks’ contemporary modular panels.  Create meeting rooms, collaboration huddle spaces, breakrooms, waiting rooms and private work areas without incurring costly construction.

Custom design your Villa™, Duplex™ or Notch Wall ™ panels to fit your space or upgrade your office furniture décor by mixing colors and textures. Modular Panels can be mobile or free standing depending on your office design.  With a wide variety of privacy screen styles, materials and sizes it’s easy to create a more efficient use of your space.

  1.     Room Dividers

Completely customizable, our contemporary Urban Wall room dividers are designed for versatility and functionality. Create meeting rooms, collaboration huddle spaces, break rooms, customer or patient waiting rooms, and private work areas without incurring costly construction. Build your Urban Wall by designing each panel, then connect them together to construct the workspace that works for you. These room dividers can have casters so they can be easily moved from one place to the other to create flexible spaces.

  1.     Accordion Walls

Flexible and versatile, the Fold-N-Roll Villa Wall allows you to easily reconfigure any room instantly. Add separation between tables, chairs or workstations, or create collaboration or huddle areas by easily moving, folding or unfolding the hinged panels on wheels. When not needed, the Fold-N-Roll Villa Walls, simply fold closed for a compact storage solution.

  1.     Mobile Dry Erase Boards

Collaborate, communicate, and create in style with MergeWorks’ Whiteboards and Glass Boards. Engineered to be lightweight, durable and mobile, our line of portable dry erase boards is designed and built to capture ideas. Portable whiteboards on wheels move from room to room, create functional privacy screens or outfit collaboration areas.

Office partitions and room dividers are not merely elements to divide office workspace for employees. They also help in improving the aesthetics and acoustics in the office space, and impart a contemporary, trendy disposition to the workspace. In a nutshell, office partitions help create a seamless workspace layout, where each employee gets adequate space and feels protected.

As the new office continues to evolve, so will the needs of your employees. RE|WORK your space to become more dynamic, giving your office the flexibility that employees are needing within the ever-changing work environment.  Find your office solution and get your questions answered by contacting our customer service team. Please reach out to them at 800-597-1195, email or online chat at

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