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EchoDeco Acoustic Panels

Fizzy Design in Tangerine and CC Design in Iced and Charcoal Gray backed with Tangerine

EchoDeco Acoustic Panels

Web Design in Green Apple and Tribal Design in Cornflower and Cobalt backed with Green Apple

EchoDeco Acoustic Panels

Strata Design in Ash Grey

EchoDeco Acoustic Panels

Honeycomb Design in Pear

EchoDeco™ Wall Panels

Acoustic Panels

Studies have proven that uncontrolled noise contributes to a stressful environment. EchoDeco™ acoustical panels and partitions improve sound privacy by reducing room echo and absorbing sound resulting in better focus, reduced distractions and stress.  Our high-quality, durable recycled polyester material is lightweight, tackable, sustainable and comes in 2 different thicknesses.  With the option to hang from the ceiling or wall, you have nearly endless possibilities to improve room acoustics while creating an inspiring environment.

An attractive decorative solution that absorbs distracting noise, EchoDeco™ hanging panels are a cost-effective treatment to cover walls or divide space.

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Build Your EchoDeco™ Wall Panels

Select from 4 different panel sizes & 2 material thicknesses. Don’t see the size you need, give us a call or chat with us online.

Material Thickness

EchoScape™ 3/8” (9mm) NRC rated up to 0.85. Designs cut into 3/8” thick panels can be backed with a second solid panel. Click here to view NRC test results.
EchoScape™ 3/4” (18mm) NRC rated up to 0.9. Designs cut into 3/4” thick panels cannot be backed with second panel. Click here to view NRC test results.

Choose Your Design

Select from one of our many designs or send us your design or logo for a customized acoustic wall panel.
  • Foliage D001 - EchoDecoFoliage D001
    • Foliage D001 - EchoDeco
      Foliage D001
    • Fizzy D002 - EchoDeco
      Fizzy D002
    • Web D003 - EchoDeco
      Web D003
    • Metro D004 - EchoDeco
      Metro D004
    • Dash D005 - EchoDeco
      Dash D005
    • Pebbles D006 - EchoDeco
      Pebbles D006
    • Mosaic D007 - EchoDeco
      Mosaic D007
    • Tribal D008 - EchoDeco
      Tribal D008
    • Branches D009 - EchoDeco
      Branches D009
    • Constellation D010 - EchoDeco
      Constellation D010
    • Sunburst D015 - EchoDeco
      Sunburst D015
    • Retro D016 - EchoDeco
      Retro D016
    • Strata D017 - EchoDeco
      Strata D017
    • Zeus D018 - EchoDeco
      Zeus D018
    • Honeycomb D019 - EchoDeco
      Honeycomb D019
    • Fiesta D020 - EchoDeco
      Fiesta D020
    • Maze D021 - EchoDeco
      Maze D021
    • Aztec D022 - EchoDeco
      Aztec D022
    • Pinwheel D023 - EchoDeco
      Pinwheel D023

Choose Your Color

  • Ash P100 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)Ash P100
    EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
    • Ash P100 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Ash P100
    • Charcoal P101 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Charcoal P101
    • Cobalt P102 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Cobalt P102
    • Pear P103 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Pear P103
    • Slate P105 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Slate P105
    • Iced Grey P106 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Iced Grey P106
    • Linen P107 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Linen P107
    • Ruby P108 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Ruby P108
    • Tangerine P109 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Tangerine P109
    • Violet P110 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Violet P110
    • Sunflower P111 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Sunflower P111
    • Green Apple P112 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Green Apple P112
    • Cornflower P113 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Cornflower P113
    • Aqua P115 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Aqua P115
  • Ash P100 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)Ash P100
    EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
    • Ash P100 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Ash P100
    • Charcoal P101 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Charcoal P101
    • Cobalt P102 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Cobalt P102
    • Pear P103 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Pear P103
    • Sandstone P104 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Sandstone P104
    • Slate P105 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Slate P105
    • Iced Grey P106 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Iced Grey P106
    • Linen P107 - EchoScape 3/4″ (18MM)
      Linen P107

Install Your Panel

Hang your panel design from ACT or non-grid ceilings using our optional metal channel hanging kits. Panels can also be directly mounted to a wall using a standard construction adhesive.

Product Information

Acoustic EchoScape™ NRC Test Results Click here to view NRC test results for our acoustic EchoScape.
Production Lead Time Call for current lead times
Freight Free Shipping on 10 or more of any product. See our freight program for more information. Freight Program
Fully Customizable Additional sizes, core panel materials and colors possible. Call, chat or email us for more information.

Acoustical Panels And Partitions

NRC rated up to 0.9

EchoDeco™ designs are cut into our acoustic EchoScape™ material.  EchoScape™ is a durable high-quality polyester made from 60% post-consumer recycled plastic PET water bottles. Lightweight, VOC Free, high impact resistant and tackable, eco-friendly and sustainable EchoScape™ absorbs sound and improves acoustics in a variety of environments.

Our 3/4“(18mm) thick solid EchoScape™ panels absorb up to 90% of sound that hits each side of the panel and are NRC rated up to 0.90, while our 3/8” (9mm) panels are NRC rated up to 0.85, absorbing up to 85% of noise.

Style Your Privacy

Add Color And Texture To Your Workspace

Maximize sound privacy while adding color and texture to your workspace by choosing a cutout design in one of 14 colors of our3/8” (9mm) material, then back your design with a second 3/8” (9mm) solid panel in a matching or contrasting color. Panel designs made from 3/4” (18mm) thick EchoScape™are offered in 7 colors and cannot be backed with a second solid piece.

Hang your acoustic EchoDeco™ panel from any type ceiling using our metal channel hanging kit. Channel kits are designed for both 3/8” (9mm) and 3/4” (18mm) thick panels and available for each design width.  EchoDeco™ panels can also be directly mounted to a wall using a standard construction adhesive.

Have a design in mind to match your brand or office décor? Send us your design or logo for your customized acoustic panel.

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Customize Your Way

Take Your Space To The Next Level

Need a custom size, material or design for your EchoDeco™ Acoustic Panel, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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