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Step Up to the Plate with Restaurant Dividers

  • December 30, 2020
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Step Up to the Plate with Restaurant Dividers - Texas MedClinic Careers

Even before the pandemic, making sure guests leave happy and full was only one of the many responsibilities of a restaurant operator; duties range from cultivating a competitive wine list to preventing food borne illnesses. Ensuring the utmost safety of your guests while recovering from months of lockdown measures might feel like an overwhelming feat, but it does not have to be. MergeWorks is here to help you transition and transform your establishment as smoothly as possible with solutions tailored to your needs. When staring adversity in the face it is important to remember that the size of the feat is not nearly as critical as how you choose to respond to it. Plexiglass booth dividers and table dividers, paired with social distancing, provides an added layer of security to your indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.

Outdoor seating is considered a safer alternative to indoor seating; yet proper ventilation in outdoor dining areas cannot always be guaranteed. The CDC still considers dining in the open air risky even when tables are spaced at least 6 feet apart. It would be wise to consider using outside dining dividers in addition to indoor dining dividers.

  • Two exceptional options for partitioning your tables and restaurant work areas are Urban Wall and Modular Panels. They are fully customizable. Mobile or freestanding options can be easily relocated inside, outside, and throughout the restaurant. These guys also come in an array of colors to match your restaurant décor. Our contemporary Urban Wall is entirely customizable, and room dividers can be constructed with acoustic core material to absorb sound, facilitating a positive dining experience by effectively limiting noise disruptions. Both of these dining room dividers can connect up to 4 panels enabling you to divide your restaurant in numerous ways. Their frameworks are constructed using lightweight aluminum extrusion, anodized or powder coated for an aesthetic and durable finish.
  • Enclave Sneeze Guards and Terrace Sneeze Panels are a vital way to keep your restaurant environment safe and virus-free. These high-quality, professional clear acrylic panels are designed to shield those of your employees who are working behind counters and host stands. Panels are available in several different sizes and can be easily disinfected. 

Not only are our products made in the USA with impressive lead times, but they are also easy to install, and they ship fully assembled. Our tailored, cost-effective social distancing solutions will help you meet the necessary requirements for keeping your restaurant open while providing your guests with an enjoyable dining experience that is worry free.

Whether you are looking for a product that empowers you to meet social distancing guidelines with ease, or simply altering a space to create more separation, MergeWorks can provide a solution. Our customer service team is available to answer your questions. We encourage you to reach out to us at 800-597-1195 or by email at

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