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MergeWorks’ SwitchIT Desk Panels Allow User Control of their Environment

  • February 5, 2020
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MergeWorks’ SwitchIT Desk Panels Allow User Control of their Environment - Texas MedClinic Careers

BoF showcases SwitchIT Desk Panels

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Striking the right balance between privacy and collaboration is crucial in any workplace.  At times workers need a quiet, distraction-free work zone and at other times they need a collaborative and open workspace.  MergeWorks’ new acoustic SwitchIT desk panels are designed with a patent-pending magnetic mounting system that allows the user to change their workspace instantly and easily.

The lightweight desk panels can be placed above the desk for privacy or switched into modesty panels for an open workspace.

One half of the magnetic mounts are permanently mounted to the bottom of the worksurface for stability.  The second magnetic mount is securely attached to the desk panel.  For privacy, the higher end of the panel can be placed above the desk.  The two magnets are aligned and gently pushed down to secure.  For an open collaborative space, the panel can be switched by lifting, rotating and reinstalling, providing adaptability and flexibility at a moment’s notice.

“Workspace does matter, and there’s not one style that works for everyone,” said Scott Klingler, MergeWorks CEO and designer.  “Our SwitchIT desk panels give the user the freedom to work in an environment that can easily and conveniently be changed day to day or hour to hour.  Another advantage of the new SwitchIT panels is their high acoustic properties; no matter how the panels are positioned they still absorb sound.”

Made to order at MergeWorks’ state-of-the-art facility in San Antonio, Texas, lead time for standard SwitchIT acoustic panels is three weeks; custom design lead times may vary.  MergeWorks products include desk dividers, acoustic panels, room dividers, modular panels, dry erase boards, height-adjustable tables and benching systems.

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