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Set the Tone in Your Workplace with Acoustic MergeWorks EchoDeco Panels

  • July 8, 2019
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Set the Tone in Your Workplace with Acoustic MergeWorks EchoDeco Panels - Texas MedClinic Careers

MMQB showcases EchoDeco Panels

Read the MMQB article here.

Improve office acoustics while creating an inspiring environment with MergeWorks’ new EchoDeco acoustic wall panel designs. An attractive decorative solution that absorbs distracting noise, EchoDeco hanging panels are a cost-effective treatment to cover walls or divide space.

Studies have proven that uncontrolled noise contributes to a stressful environment. EchoDeco acoustical panels and partitions improve sound privacy by reducing room echo and absorbing sound resulting in better focus, reduced distractions and stress. EchoDeco designs are cut into our acoustic EchoScape™ material which is NRC rated up to 0.9 depending on material thickness.  EchoScape is a durable high-quality polyester made from 60% post-consumer recycled plastic PET water bottles. Lightweight, VOC Free, high impact resistant and tackable, eco-friendly and sustainable, EchoScape absorbs sound and improves acoustics in a variety of environments.“Manufacturing quality products at cost effective price point is our core mission”, says Scott Klingler, MergeWorks CEO. “Our new EchoDeco acoustic panels are an effective and affordable solution to dampen ambient noise plus enhance the look of your work environment. We offer a variety of designs to choose from and are happy to create panels with your custom design or logo.”

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