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Improve Employee Health With Height Adjustable Desks

  • February 8, 2018
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Improve Employee Health With Height Adjustable Desks - Texas MedClinic Careers

A recent study revealed that spending too much time sitting on a chair can shorten lifespan, no matter how much exercise one does. The correlation between sitting and mortality is a matter of concern for organizations that have a desk-bound work culture. Needless to say, a flexible and employee-centric workspace is what every business requires to have a healthy and more productive workforce. Continuing the discussion, we give an overview of the problems that arise due to prolonged sitting and how height adjustable tables can help counter the problem. Read on.

How is prolonged sitting hurting your employees?

Heart Disease

Sitting for long hours slows down the fat burning and blood flow rate in the body. As a result, the fatty acids can clog the heart faster. Individuals who spend a lot of time sitting are two times more likely to have cardiovascular disease than those who take continual breaks from the chair and stand while working.

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Muscle Degeneration

The abdominal muscles keep the body upright, sitting does not engage abdominal muscles. In fact, slouching while sitting for long hours can actually tighten up your ab muscles and lead to hyperlordosis, a condition where inward curve of the spine increases. Besides this, chronic sitters might have decreased hip mobility due to muscle tightening and degeneration.

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Leg Disorders

Prolonged sitting slows blood circulation and can cause problems such as swollen ankles and deep vein thrombosis. Scientists have also correlated sitting for long hours with chronic diseases such as osteoporosis.

Spine Problems

Back problems are frequent complaint of employees who sit for long periods. An inflexible spine, which is an uneven squashing of disks, can result from prolonged sitting. Painful herniated lumbar disks are another risk.

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How do height adjustable tables help?

Human body wasn’t designed to bear the stress of sitting in one position for long hours. Height adjustable meeting tables and work tables can help in maintaining the balance between work and health.

  • Sitting and standing at frequent intervals allows you to flex your muscles and work in different types of postures. The variation in movement keeps the body healthy and active.
  • Height adjustable furniture helps one control weight, as any additional activity such as standing while working burns off excess calories.
  • Employees are able to focus and concentrate better, when using height adjustable meeting tables.
  • Change in position increases the energy level and engagement in work.
  • A more active body means less body pain and ache.

Wrap Up

Keep your employees healthy and happy with height adjustable standing desks that help promote employee wellness which in turn increases productivity. At Merge Works, we offer high quality high-rise height adjustable tables that give your employees the option to sit and stand while working. For more details on our product range, simply call 210-988-6741 or 888-465-5174 or fill out our contact form.

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