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Managing office noise disruptions can lead to increased productivity and happier employees

  • May 25, 2018
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Managing office noise disruptions can lead to increased productivity and happier employees - Texas MedClinic Careers

The trending “open office concept” may give you a unique look and strong statement about company culture but they also contain some unexpected and unwanted consequences. The lack of privacy, inability to concentrate, and increased distractions have led to unhappy and less productive employees. Almost any office worker could share a story or two about annoying, loud, or obnoxious distractions – whether it be a coworker, a loud printer, a noisy heating and air conditioning system, or the ring of a cell phone.

The big question employers now want to know is it possible to have a gorgeous, open office and maintain peace and quiet, too? Merge Works EchoScape™ acoustic desk dividers are an innovative and stylish panel system to divide and structure open work spaces, while offering the benefit of visual and sound privacy all at once.

Highly-effective acoustical improvements

Managing noise disruptions are just as important as providing visual privacy solutions when creating a productive workspace and increasing productivity. The EchoScape™ acoustic desk dividers are constructed using a solid sound absorbing material that absorbs up to 90% of sound that impacts panels. These acoustic panels are eco-friendly as they are made from 60% post-consumer reclaimed plastic bottles, VOC-free and 100% recyclable.

Sound absorbing materials without sacrificing design

Whether you choose our Uptown, Midtown, or Enclave acoustic panels, there are several sizes with a variety of custom elements to choose from in order to coordinate these desk dividers with your office concept. The option to customize the EchoScape™ acoustic desk dividers ensures you never need to sacrifice your brand or signature look to achieve office privacy and noise reduction.

These simple desk privacy panels can be easily mounted to your current desk or workstation system, with multiple choices for mounting hardware and finishes. Most mounting options clamp onto your tabletop so no holes need to be drilled into your desk. EchoScape™ acoustic desk dividers, available in both above the desk and above and below the desk panels, transform work surfaces into personal and quiet workstations.

If you’re looking to reduce the acoustical impact of your workspace, our stationary and height-adjustable acoustic desk dividers provide superb sound absorption in a contemporary, eco-friendly design. The fully customizable panels are designed to convey tranquility and calm with the provided visual and sound privacy that workers need to stay productive and focused.

Merge Works offers flexible and versatile solutions that are designed to merge with any work surface or workstation to bring your office concept to light. Whether you’re having issues with noise disruptions in your open office or are looking for an innovative way to improve privacy for employees, Merge Works can find a solution. If you would like more details on shipping, ordering, or customizing your new acoustic desk dividers, contact Merge Works at (800) 597-1195.

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