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Flip Top Tables: Innovative Furniture Solution For Hybrid Offices

  • December 17, 2015
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Flip top and nesting training tables have in the past often been misconstrued as being fragile and not suitable for conservative, professional office spaces. Modern offices, however, focus more on flexible office space utilization, making flip top tables a desirable choice of furniture. Flip top and nesting training room tables help maximize office space with their easy to install and efficient storage capabilities. Available in several different shapes and hues, the tables have lockable castors at the base and an innovative foldable top, which can be swung down at a right angle, allowing you to safely line up the tables against each other, unobtrusively in the storage. Let us take a look at the various types of flip top tables available in the market and their benefits-


Modern-day hybrid offices use a flexible office layout, which incorporates several interchangeable, space saving elements such as glass whiteboards, which can be used both for writing on and desk partitioning. Flip top tables are also widely preferred, owing to their easy-to-use mechanism, which allows the tabletop to be flipped vertically and nested together.

Flip top tables enable conference rooms to cater to various functions. A single room can be a training room, boardroom, and a meeting room, as and when required, all by changing the layout of the tables.

The castors in the tables’ design, allow you to easily move them around in the office and quickly redesign the office space. Your employees do not have to put in too much efforts to move the furniture.


Rectangular flip table

The basic rectangular folding table can be aligned in rows to accommodate board meetings or events such as indoor markets and cultural exhibitions. A variation of the rectangle flip top tables is the Trapezoidal flip top table, which can be arranged in rows or columns, same as the basic rectangular flip top table. The trapezoidal tables can also be placed next to each other to form a hexagonal seating assembly for conducting small group discussions or brainstorming sessions.


The Semi-Circular flip top tables are also a nifty alternative for flexible hybrid office layouts. Aligned back to back, these tables can form a complete circular table to cater to discussions. Aligning the tables at the end of a group of rectangular tables placed parallel to each other, creates a D-ended conference table to cater to a meetings with large numbers of people.


Flip top and nesting training tables come in an eclectic selection of material finishings and table lengths to suit a wide range of clientele. Versatile designs and functionalities make flip top tables easy to incorporate into your office layout and ‘pack’ away when not in use. Merge Works provides a variety of flip top and nesting training tables to meet your business needs. Call us today at 800.597.1195 or fill out our contact form, and our customer servicing team will get back to you, shortly.

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