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Office Furniture and Productivity: An Elephant in the Living Room

  • December 12, 2015
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Office Furniture and Productivity: An Elephant in the Living Room - Texas MedClinic Careers

If your employees declining productivity graph is a growing concern for your organization, it is time to look at what might be one of the most neglected aspects of your business – office furniture. A recent story on Business2Community reveals that an insurance company realized a profit of approximately $620,000 after investing $500,000 in ergonomic furniture. Your business too can reap similar benefits by selecting the right furniture. Replacing traditional tables with height adjustable work tables, for instance, would help you provide the ideal ground for your employees to deliver optimum productivity without stressing their bodies, which may also reflect in reduced absenteeism. The blog post gives a detailed overview of the relationship between ergonomic furniture and employee productivity.


Ergonomics refers to the study of people in their work environment. The term is also used to refer to the process of designing/arranging workplaces, systems, and products so they fit the people who use them. More businesses are turning to ergonomic furniture as it reduces chances of employees succumbing to injuries in the workplace.


• Some of the common design faults in office furniture include:
• Wrong heights for table and chair
• Cramped space
• No support for the back
• No support for elbows
• Banging knees on keyboard tray
• Resting elbows on desk surface or hard armrests


Businesses can address and prevent health-related problems of employees by choosing ergonomic furniture. Here are some of the major design elements to look for in ergonomic furniture:


• Lumbar support
• Backrest tension control
• Backrest tilts backward and forward
• Adjustable armrests
• Height adjustability of work surface


• Lies flat
• Low profile (30mm)
• Key displacement between 0.5″ and 0.25″
• Key top area minimum 0.5 square inches

Input Device

• Workable surface area
• Easy-to-move
• Long cord or wireless
• Comfortable fit for hand


Improved Productivity

Ergonomic furniture improves the productivity of employees as they sit in a better posture, experience less exertion, and can work more efficiently by adjusting the furniture according to their height and reach.

Improved Quality

When the employees are tired and frustrated, they won’t be able to deliver their best at work. Ergonomic furniture makes the job less physically taxing for the employee.

Improved Employee Engagement

When employees know that a company is trying to ensure their health and safety, it improves their morale and involvement in the overall growth of the organization, while saving you big bucks.


Employees who work in environments with poorly designed workstations, and archaic furniture and safety measures, are prone to occupational hazards. Businesses need to understand the quality of the workplace environment impacts the motivation levels of employees and their productivity. Surprisingly, ergonomic furniture often takes the back seat when it comes to business planning, despite the fact that much has been said about its significance. We, at Merge Works, are here to help you travel the curve and provide the perfect environment for your employees that drives productivity. To learn more about how our customized furniture range can help you create a healthy, productive environment, call us at 1-800-597-1195.

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