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A Buyer’s Guide to Office Desk Dividers

  • November 30, 2015
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A Buyer’s Guide to Office Desk Dividers - Texas MedClinic Careers

Modern day offices are gravitating towards flexible office space layouts. Such layouts help create customizable workspaces, which in turn, encourage interpersonal relationships and collaboration among employees, without compromising the need for privacy. Elements such as desk dividers help achieve tangible and flexible office modules by demarcating individual workspaces. This blog post describes various types of desk dividers and partitions that you can incorporate in your flexible office space design to maximize employee productivity.

Double desk suite

Desk partitions are used to create dedicated workspaces for employees in an office. This design solution features a built-in filing, bookcase, and a tack-board, along with plenty of desk surface area. Double desk suites are suitable for smaller hybrid-office spaces, which combine both private cabins and open workspaces to create flexible office designs.

Square cubicle stations

These desk dividers can be configured in rows over a large office area, to design dedicated workspaces. Square cubicle stations come with adjustable panels, removable wire controls, and replaceable parts, which allows easy setup and maintenance. Incorporating such cubicle stations helps you transform your office space from a traditional or open work environment to a more contemporary one.

Collaborative double suite

Such suites infuse two workstations into one large, dedicated workspace. The collaborative double suite offers various functionalities such as a wall panel for privacy, and separate filing space. In this design, there is a multipurpose, shared center table and two corner computer workstations, which allow two individuals to work closely together.

4-person suite

The 4-person suite partitioning solution is ideal for office setups that have a large, central workspace. This option creates configurable office space by incorporating a built-in filing cabinet in each desk, along with plenty of surface area. Available in several color finishes, there is one to match your office’s décor.

Independent privacy stations

These desk dividers are compact and ideal for collaborative work environments, with limited space for personal activities for employees. Privacy stations can be implemented in your office space in conjunction with an open-table setup, wherein individuals could work on a laptop, or tablet in a quiet, personal space. These partitions are also suitable for designing separate reading spaces in offices for the purposes of research.

Wrapping up

While implementing desk partitioning solutions such as an overhead cabinetry, shelving, or curved windows, provide for more permanent office space management solutions. Desk dividers and partitions offer options for a temporary space management, creating easily modifiable hybrid office spaces. Merge Works provides a variety of desk dividers and partitions to meet your business needs, including classroom dividers. Call us today at 800.597.1195 or fill out the contact form and our customer servicing team will get back to you in no time.

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