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Three Ways Mobile Whiteboards Increase Productivity

  • November 15, 2015
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Three Ways Mobile Whiteboards Increase Productivity - Texas MedClinic Careers

Productivity is the backbone of your business’ success. Whether you’ve been in business ten months or ten years, fresh ideas and new applications for current successes is how you continue to grow and move forward. Mobile whiteboards increase productivity in your workplace  being mobile and allowing your team to always have their goals visible. They also encourage brainstorming in group settings. Their simplicity makes meetings and daily goal-setting efficient. A well-appointed office is the first step towards happy, hardworking, and productive employees. Getting them what they need to work with goes beyond keeping the copier stocked, and into things that kick off their work ethic and creativity. Mobile whiteboards are a touch that seems simple, but gets massive results. There are three main reasons mobile whiteboards work so well.

Goals can follow from room to room

Even the hardest working employee can get caught up in the “out of sight, out of mind” mindset that effects work productivity. Keep your employees focused on goals with a mobile dry erase board. Your employees have several goals and targets to meet daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. If something isn’t immediately pressing, they don’t want to spend as much time on it. Portable whiteboards on wheels allow a project leader to bring the goals with them into a meeting for all attendees to see. It allows them to glance up from other work and focus on their goals, creating an environment of productive work.

Fresh ideas during brainstorming sessions

Mobile dry erase boards foster creative thinking and brainstorming. You and your employees do the best brainstorming in group meetings. One thought feeds another, and this process breeds creativity and productivity. In addition, being able to write these thoughts out on a mobile whiteboard helps everyone to visualize and expound. The very act of writing slows down our thoughts so we have a chance to refine our ideas. We can type a lot more quickly than we can write longhand, and that can be a curse as well as a blessing. Using mobile whiteboards gives people more freedom, takes the pressure of that “blank document dread” off them, and engages their brain in a different way.

No learning curve

Online message boards, instant messengers, and “hangout” spots for employees can be powerful tools. They’re also full of enough bells and whistles to keep someone productively procrastinating for hours on end. When you find the new latest and greatest software, your employees can spend a few days of tinkering away instead of being productive. There’s no user error when it comes to using office portable whiteboards. How often have you started a brainstorming meeting, or tried to post stats and sales goals electronically, and the technology slows everything down? Using mobile whiteboards and dry erase boards takes no time to learn, and doesn’t slow down productivity; you are in charge of the data.

The bottom line

Mobile whiteboards encourage productivity in your business, and with your employees. Using these tools promotes healthy brainstorming, and improves any brainstorming session. The simplicity of these devices discourages procrastination and encourages attention to detail. To top it all off, the mere presence of an office portable whiteboard provides gentle motivation to get things done so your employees are focused and productive. Try a mobile whiteboard at your next meeting, brainstorming session, or use one daily to encourage productivity.

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