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4 Ways Glass Whiteboards Improve Workplace Efficiency

  • January 12, 2017
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4 Ways Glass Whiteboards Improve Workplace Efficiency - Texas MedClinic Careers

Flexible and functional workspaces contribute to employee engagement and efficiency. Creating a productive environment, however, requires you to consider every minute aspect of the setup, starting from the floor layout to choosing the right furniture. Out of the many supplies required to create an ideal workspace, portable glass whiteboards are indispensable. You can use them as a tool to provide business-specific information and training, and also share important updates and messages. Highlighting the benefits of glass dry erase boards in detail, this post discusses four ways they help you set-up a productive workplace.


Organizations use meeting rooms to not only collaborate with employees, but also with clients. High quality office furniture plays a key role in ensuring the workspace looks modern and professional. In addition, the choice of office furniture is also reflective of the prevalent work culture. Mobile glass whiteboards are sleek, easy-to-use, and can induce freshness into a bland environment. You can mount a fixed glass whiteboard on a colorful wall and add some versatility to the room.


Whether updating employees about a project kickstart or the agenda for an upcoming meeting, you can always put a glass whiteboard to good use. You can use a glass whiteboard for information that is readily visible to the employees on the floor. Besides reminders and the results of meetings, use the item to add some zing to your daily work routine. You can, for instance, recognize the weekly and monthly top performers by mentioning their names on the board or make other announcements.


Although many classrooms still feature regular whiteboards, they are prone to stains. Glass whiteboards, on the other hand, can withstand the rough usage, and therefore, are ideal for classrooms. They remain stain-free and durable. Thanks to eye-catching designs, installing them in classrooms can inspire learning among children by creating a neat atmosphere. In addition, writings on glass whiteboards don’t have any “dazzle effect” that can overexpose the retina to light, which may damage vision.


Be it brainstorming inside a meeting room, at your workstation, or in the cafeteria, portable glass whiteboards always come in handy. Participants get a neat and smart space to note down all the ideas. Another way you can help employees unleash their creativity is by installing glass whiteboard tables in the recreation room for ideation. By creating such a space, you can boost the fun quotient of your workplace, as employees can talk and unwind, besides jotting down any ideas that flash through their minds.


Glass whiteboards are an ideal solution for brainstorming sessions, meetings, and more. As far as buying the latest portable glass whiteboards is concerned, Merge Works can provide you with a range of options. Our portable glass whiteboards are made of proprietary aluminum extrusion and come with stylish metal mobile feet with locking dual casters. These glass dry erase boards are more durable and carry a cleaner look compared with regular whiteboards. Made of 1/4th inch of tempered glass, our glass whiteboards are four to five times stronger than regular glass and provide high resistance to scratches and scuffs. To learn more about any of our products, call us at or 800-597-1195 or fill our contact form.

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