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Changing The Game in Office Workspaces

  • May 27, 2022
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Changing The Game in Office Workspaces - Texas MedClinic Careers

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Imagine an office where…

Furniture is multi-functional, and can be reconfigured easily.  Employees have the flexibility to define their own workspace.  Acoustic comfort is achieved artistically, and new uses can be accomplished with existing furniture.

Your perfect office doesn’t have to be a dream, it doesn’t require a total redesign or include all new furniture.  Transforming your office into a functional and beautiful workspace can be easy, affordable, and quick.  All you need are well-designed products that work with your existing furniture, provide the ability to change when needed, and enhance your company’s aesthetics.

MergeWorks was founded with the idea of creating high quality, ancillary products that “merge” with existing furniture to deliver the adaptability and functionality your office requires.

The company has revolutionized the concept of ‘functional workspace’. With a passion for engineering and manufacturing office furniture, CEO and founder Scott Klingler and his team have transformed their fair share of standard workspace setups into areas that provide the elements needed to keep a company moving forward.

So, what exactly does this look like?

Products engineered by MergeWorks are designed to provide versatile solutions that integrate with any work surface or workstation, creating an office that is tailored to the needs of the employees and the company. Because our products are ancillary, fit most furniture systems and are affordable, they allow the company’s workspace to evolve along with their culture.  Our products range from desk dividers to mobile walls and whiteboards, to a variety of acoustic solutions, converting open space to private space, defining collaborative areas, and improving acoustic comfort.

Our willingness and drive to create exactly what our clients are looking for has made us one of the most innovative companies in the industry. As opposed to the larger manufacturers that create a product to sell, we let the market drive us, developing office pieces that are specifically derived from a client’s needs.

As an example, a large tech company came to MergeWorks with a vision.  They wanted a workplace where the employee was empowered to change their space on a daily basis.  They imagined individual workspaces that could be private or open on-demand depending on each employee’s workload and schedule.  Scott and his design team got to work on an innovative design.   The result – SwitchIT panels.   Once mounted using our patented magnetic mounts, these lightweight acoustic desk panels can be placed above the desk one day for a quiet, distraction free work zone, then flipped the next to instantaneously convert to an open workstation for collaborative work. The user now has control without tools or the need for the facilities department.  Manufactured with our highly rated acoustic material to reduce noise, SwitchIT panels also function to incorporate acoustic comfort in the environment.  The easy reconfiguration and acoustic properties of our SwitchIT panels make them perfect for hoteling and hot-desking solutions.

For our team, the goal is to focus on niche areas of the office furniture industry by continuing to develop and expand multifunctional product lines that cater to the evolving workspace. There is no shying away from a project. If a means or a method doesn’t yet exist, the team designs and perfects it in-house, then delivers it to the market.

Our Fold-N-Roll Villa Wall room divider screen was developed for a large university in exactly this way.  This higher learning institution’s vision was to have flexible room panels to be used however the teaching style warranted.  The criteria included panels that could be reconfigured quickly and in a variety of ways, that could fold flat and be stored when not in use, and that could double as dry erase boards.

The MergeWorks design team quickly went to work, incorporating flexibility and added functionality.  In less than 3-weeks, the university had a working sample of our Fold-N-Roll Villa Wall room divider.  This design incorporated 3 Villa Wall room panels hinged together with a gear mechanism that allowed the two end panels to rotate 180° in both directions.   The 3 panels together could be configured up to 9 feet wide to separate rooms or create small study nooks by folding the end panels 90°.  Each of the 3 panels can be built with a variety of materials depending on the application desired, such as fabric, acoustic EchoScape or TruBrite dry erase

Developing products based on the vision and imagination of the end user and positively impacting how people work is a unique part of MergeWorks and what we do best.  Our design and manufacturing team strives to produce products that are high-quality, affordable, easy to install, aesthetically pleasing and multi-functional.

Understanding what MergeWorks provides and how we’ve changed the face of the office furniture industry makes it evident why Scott and his father chose the name MergeWorks for their business. As Scott explains, “the name “Merge” was picked to illustrate how our company can offer multiple products that merge with other manufacturer’s products, making us more universal than many.”

As corporate workspace trends continue to evolve, it becomes increasingly important for companies to allow employees to take control of what their workspace looks like, how it functions and how it feels.

For almost 20 years MergeWorks has continually worked to develop products that make life easier for companies large and small; creating new products and customizing solution where none currently exists. All of our products are conceptualized, engineered and produced in our state-of-the-art facility in San Antonio, TX, keeping us on the forefront of change and allowing us to quickly respond to the demands of the corporate world.  Workspaces that are multi-functional, flexible, and comfortable are within reach.

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