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Using Office Room Dividers to Create the Perfect Workspace

  • June 30, 2022
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Using Office Room Dividers to Create the Perfect Workspace - Texas MedClinic Careers

Creating the perfect workspace can be challenging at times and brings up a lot of questions, especially in large open spaces. How do you want to set up the space? Are you looking for a permanent solution, or something less permanent and more fluid? If you are struggling with creating your ideal workspace, room dividers can be a great way to really customize your workspace and create the ideal working environment. 

Utilizing office room dividers can create a unique environment that is open and inviting, while also being private. Improving visual and sound privacy without sacrificing collaboration is a delicate balance. No one wants to be closed off from their co-workers, but no one wants to feel like people are peering over their shoulders either. Room dividers can help create this balance by creating an open and collaborative environment for your employees, but also allows for privacy when needed. 

Your workspace should grow as your business grows. Room dividers can also be semi-permanent solutions, giving you the freedom to change the layout of your business as it evolves. Create meeting rooms, collaboration huddle spaces, break rooms, customer or patient waiting rooms, and private workspace areas without incurring costly construction. 

MergeWorks’ offers a wide assortment of room dividers such as our new Zag Wall™. Featuring our highly rated acoustic EchoScape™ material, Zag Walls define space and reduce noise to create a comfortable and safe environment. Solve space, privacy, and noise issues all at the same time with our new Zag Wall™ room divider.  

MergeWorks products are designed to be flexible and adaptable solutions that can be permanent or moveable. Our workspace solutions merge seamlessly with existing furniture to provide the right amount of both visual and sound privacy in materials and colors that match your office décor or brand. We want to help you create the perfect environment for your business.

To start building your perfect workplace, get in touch with our customer service team who are available to answer your questions. Please contact us at 800-597-1195 today.

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