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How Acoustics Affect Your Workplace

  • May 25, 2022
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How Acoustics Affect Your Workplace - Texas MedClinic Careers

Our work environments are supposed to be a place of productivity and focus, and of course prevent anything that might break that focus, such as noise. Here at MergeWorks, we understand just how frustrating unwanted noise can be in a workspace, and to help, we offer multiple acoustic solutions available for you to resolve this problem. To create an optimal acoustic solution, the first step is to understand how sound is created in your space.

Sound is energy and when soundwave energy encounters a hard surface, one of four things happen:

  •     The energy is reflected away – called a bounce or reflection.
  •     The energy is absorbed by the surface.
  •     The energy transitions through the surface.
  •     The energy is angled away in a different direction, this is called diffusion.

An office space with several hard surfaces can exaggerate even the slightest amount of noise, leading to distractions or even negative health effects depending on how loud the sound. Especially in an office setting, where productivity is key, it is important to minimize any possible distractions.  One acoustic solution is to add an acoustic desk divider to create a more private and personal workspace while reducing noise. The MergeWorks EchoWrap Enclave U-Panel is an acoustic desk panel that surrounds 3 sides of your work surface, absorbing noise that is close by and allowing for a more productive work environment for everyone. If you need something a little more open for a more collaborative environment, the EchoWrap Enclave L-Panel surrounds 2 sides of your work surface, still creating a private and acoustically balanced workspace.

Acoustic Calculation

What if you need more than just desk panels? How do you determine just how much acoustic material you need for your space? That’s where our Acoustic Calculator comes in. We automated a widely used mathematical formula that determines how much sound-absorbing material is needed to reduce the echo within the space.  Simply input your room dimensions into our online acoustic calculator to find your minimum and optimal amount of acoustic coverage needed.

Once you know your sq. ft. coverage you can begin creating your acoustic solution based on the types of acoustic products that can be used in the space.  Acoustic products can be used on desks, walls, ceilings, and as free-standing room dividers. Tests have shown that it is not as important where you place the material (panels, dividers, screens, baffles, etc.) as long as you have the proper amount of material in the space. For a deeper dive into acoustics, please download our acoustics whitepaper, “Practical Guide to Selling Acoustic Solutions.”

To start building an acoustic solution for your office, get in touch with our customer service team who are available to answer your questions. Please contact us at 800-597-1195 today.

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