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6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Whiteboards for Your Office

  • September 17, 2015
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6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Whiteboards for Your Office - Texas MedClinic Careers

The modern office has seen numerous changes, going from traditional, to open, to the modern-day hybrid design. Needless to elaborate, furniture options too have greatly changed with the changing trends. The design of whiteboards has transformed with players such as Merge Works offering a range of whiteboard variants, including rolling whiteboards, portable whiteboards, whiteboards on wheels, and mobile dry erase boards to meet the diverse needs of work environments. When shopping for whiteboards, you need to consider the following factors to ensure that you get a tool that aids in making your training sessions and team meetings more productive, ensuring your employees have significant takeaways from the interactions.


The biggest and most pressing issue when using conventional whiteboards is their inability to erase well, leaving behind stains that make any writing illegible and messy. To avoid this problem, opt for non-ghosting whiteboards that don’t stain. There are different non-ghosting materials available in the market, and you also need to consider frequency of use to determine the best option. For example, opt for a whiteboard with a melamine surface (primarily due to its affordability), if you intend to use it occasionally (mostly in break rooms or factory floors). If you need whiteboards for frequent use, go for models with porcelain surfaces that erase clean and require less maintenance.  Merge Works offers non-ghosting magnetic whiteboards with porcelain steel core for office use. Browse through our inventory to choose the product that best meets your requirements.


A whiteboard serves a dual purpose in conference rooms, as a writing and projection surface. You therefore, need to opt for material that performs the twin roles well. Prefer whiteboards with a matte finish that doesn’t produce excessive glare and is easy on the eyes over those with a high-gloss finish as they are not fit for projection due to their inability to display writing in a legible format.


Opting for mobile dry erase boards helps you cut costs, as you don’t need to maintain separate writing surfaces for your meeting rooms and conference halls. Merge Works offers a range of portable whiteboards that include lightweight and durable materials, giving you twin benefits of mobility and a long useful life. Choose from a variety of stylish designs for one that blends with your office’s layout to provide a contemporary look to the workplace.


The whiteboard is not a standalone tool, as users need erasers, markers, and other writing aids to interact with their audience. It is therefore, imperative that you look for whiteboards that are accessorized to store the writing aids and other materials. Frontage Mobile Whiteboards and other models include useful accessories such as marker trays, pencil cups, letter trays, literature trays, and binder shelves. Thanks to these accessories, instructors/managers have everything they need at hand, avoiding time wastage. Consider the accessories that go with your board and ensure they are available before placing the order.


Look for whiteboards that are easy to clean and maintain. Make sure the surface does not absorb ink and is easy to wipe clean. Opt for a glass marker board surface, which, in most cases, erases with even the tip of a finger. Such whiteboards don’t require harsh cleaners that release harmful vapors, helping preserve health and the environment.


Magnetic whiteboards are easy to clean and best suited for presentations as they can present pictures, graphs, and other information clearly. If you need a higher precision product, opt for high-end boards with grid patterns that are easy to write on in a straight line. These grids are not visible in most models and won’t cause any distraction to your audience. Grids also simplify the task of drawing graphs, charts or other diagrams, helping users better communicate ideas and concepts.


Opt for whiteboards according to your office needs to ensure the writing aids serve their purpose. Merge Works deals in a variety of rolling whiteboards, mobile dry erase boards, and other types of whiteboards to meet your business needs. Call us today at 800.597.1195 or fill in the contact form and our customer servicing team will get back to you.

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