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How Wall Mounted Whiteboards Boost Creativity

  • October 3, 2015
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How Wall Mounted Whiteboards Boost Creativity - Texas MedClinic Careers

Wall mounted whiteboards are a staple of the education system. Just the sight of one is enough to bring back memories of school days. The humble whiteboard may be reminiscent of cram sessions and worrying about finals, but this classroom staple is making a comeback amongst creative businesses. Wall mounted dry erased boards lead to higher engagement in meetings and better lightning bolts during brain storming sessions. Here’s how wall mounted whiteboards deliver the brain boosting concentration.


Virtual whiteboards are more common in the business world than you might think. These Internet-only employee hangouts are perfect for remote location workers. If you have a big project, it’s not realistic to fit everyone into the same room. Innovation is great, and there’s no reason to downgrade your system altogether. For your big meetings, however, a wall mounted whiteboard is going to put the digital world to shame.

Try giving a speech where every audience member is taking notes on their device. They may be paying total attention, but they’re definitely not looking like they are. Something about collaborative work done purely online, feels false. Speakers get a lot of negative feedback through the body language of their peers, shutting down the creativity.

Now, replace that digital forum with a wall mounted dry erase board. It may seem low tech, but creates a high difference in the quality of the interaction. Everyone in the room is fully present and engaged, looking at the same information, and can easily work together to brainstorm that next big idea. Changing who is taking the lead in the meeting is as easy as passing someone a dry erase marker. Making eye contact, receiving engaged and attentive signals from body language, and all working on one document changes the entire dynamic of a room. That’s not even considering the next big advantage: how physically writing affects your brain.


Studies have shown consistently that working with digital media reduces recall. Typing out information is a vastly different experience from hand writing it. When you write ideas down you engage different parts of your brain just in the physical act, and this can profoundly shape your outlook. That’s why brainstorming with a yellow legal pad is how so many great ideas get fleshed out. The freedom to doodle, scribble, and move your hand as you’re writing gives you time to think. When something’s not working, physically wiping it away helps your brain let go of that idea and move on to something else.

Wall mounted dry erase boards are an easy investment in creativity. They’re easier to share in a group than a notebook, but they still involve the physical act of writing and erasing. Install them around the office and you’ll see an immediate difference in the collaborative work your employees are doing.

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