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Three Ways Mobile Glass Boards Improve Office Morale

  • September 6, 2015
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Three Ways Mobile Glass Boards Improve Office Morale - Texas MedClinic Careers

Today’s startup-focused business culture is changing the name of the game for companies big and small. Everyone used to make jokes about soulless cubicles, etc., but no one ever really did anything about them. Then the startup bubble started to grow, and things have rapidly changed for corporate America. Company culture is now one of the things that employees shop for when they’re looking for the next company to apply to. While some companies are investing tons of cash to remodel their corporate headquarters, others are finding smaller touches that they can add to their existing layouts. Yes, an open floor plan is a great way to encourage office communication, but you can get similar results with a glass board for office workers.


Digital hangouts are a great way to bring your workers together. When it comes to sparking creativity, however, get a pen in their hands. It’s been shown that physically writing things out longhand is the best way to get concentration flowing. It also forces people to slow down; they can type faster than they can think ideas through. Slowing down and writing ideas out gives them time to review as they go, and allows your employees to come up with better ideas. Employees love the feeling of success, and mobile dry erase boards are a great way to give them that. 


Maybe it’s a carryover from school, where drawing on the board before the teacher arrived for class was a rite of passage. Whatever it is, people can’t see a mobile dry erase board without wanting to doodle on it. While you’d prefer that your employees spend their time working, letting them blow off steam for five minutes a day to draw will boost their mood and also the mood of anyone who sees the doodle. People value creativity and quirky fun highly in a professional setting. A (tasteful) doodle is a great way for your employees to feel they work in a creative environment.


portable glass whiteboard is a great way for your workers to change their focus during the day. Doing the same thing every minute of the day leads to a monotony that’s just draining. Letting them tackle the same problems in different ways gives them a chance to expand their horizons. They don’t work in a drab cubicle, but anywhere, with a variety of media.

Mobile dry erase boards provide a touch of creativity and fun to the day. In a corporate reality where culture is up there with benefits in what employees want, anything that adds a positive touch is to be welcomed. Add a few glass whiteboards for office workers to the mix and you’ll see an uptick in happiness and productivity.

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