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TruBrite™ Whiteboards

Mobile Dry Erase Whiteboards

Engineered to be lightweight, durable, mobile, and our most economical solution, TruBrite™ Whiteboards are designed and built to share ideas. The streamline frames and feet offer a sleek, contemporary appeal and nest securely for ease of storage.

Our high-quality TruBrite™ writing surface is non-ghosting and easy to clean. Available in 2 styles, our TruBrite™ Whiteboards can be configured for any circumstance – making them perfect for capturing ideas worth sharing.

CAD symbols are available by contacting our customer service team by phone 800-597-1195, email, or chat.

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Build Your TruBrite™ Whiteboard

Select from our 2 styles and multiple sizes. Need a custom size, give us call.

CAD symbols are available by contacting our customer service team by phone 800-597-1195, email, or chat.

Annex™ Lower Panel Materials and Finishes

Choose from a wide pallet of rich colors and a variety of materials. Combine materials and colors to create your signature look.
  • Euro (Origin) F102 - Fabrics 100 SeriesEuro (Origin) F102
    Fabrics 100 Series
    • Euro (Origin) F102 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Euro (Origin) F102
    • Poppy (Origin) F104 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Poppy (Origin) F104
    • Arundel (Origin) F112 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Arundel (Origin) F112
    • Stately (Origin) F113 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Stately (Origin) F113
    • Basalt (Origin)  F122 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Basalt (Origin) F122
    • Jet (Origin) F123 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Jet (Origin) F123
    • Iron (Origin) F121 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Iron (Origin) F121
    • Steel (Origin) F120 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Steel (Origin) F120
    • Sapphire (Origin) F114 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Sapphire (Origin) F114
    • Sodalite (Origin) F108 - Fabrics 100 Series
      Sodalite (Origin) F108
  • Slate (Feltro) F232 - Fabrics 200 SeriesSlate (Feltro) F232
    Fabrics 200 Series
    • Slate (Feltro) F232 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Slate (Feltro) F232
    • Steel (Feltro) F237  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Steel (Feltro) F237
    • Shadow (Feltro) F241 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Shadow (Feltro) F241
    • Baltic (Feltro) F238  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Baltic (Feltro) F238
    • Dusk (Feltro) F242  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Dusk (Feltro) F242
    • Birch (Feltro)  F233 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Birch (Feltro) F233
    • Twig (Feltro) F235 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Twig (Feltro) F235
    • Spa (Feltro)  F239 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Spa (Feltro) F239
    • Ink (Feltro)  F243 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Ink (Feltro) F243
    • Sand (Feltro)  F234 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Sand (Feltro) F234
    • Celadine (Feltro) F236  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Celadine (Feltro) F236
    • Sprout (Feltro)  F240  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Sprout (Feltro) F240
    • Cayenne (Feltro) F244 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Cayenne (Feltro) F244
    • Moon  (Deka) F245 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Moon (Deka) F245
    • Mercury (Deka) F252  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Mercury (Deka) F252
    • Pewter (Deka) F256  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Pewter (Deka) F256
    • Refresh (Deka) F247  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Refresh (Deka) F247
    • Rain (Deka) F249  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Rain (Deka) F249
    • Nordic (Deka) F253  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Nordic (Deka) F253
    • Charcoal (Deka) F257  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Charcoal (Deka) F257
    • Peridot (Deka) F250  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Peridot (Deka) F250
    • Copper (Deka)  F254  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Copper (Deka) F254
    • Bisque (Deka) F251  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Bisque (Deka) F251
    • Driftwood (Deka) F255  - Fabrics 200 Series
      Driftwood (Deka) F255
    • Pumice (Deka)  F246 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Pumice (Deka) F246
    • Sage (Deka)  F248 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Sage (Deka) F248
    • Dove (Infinity) F223 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Dove (Infinity) F223
    • Barley (Infinity) F210 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Barley (Infinity) F210
    • Stucco (Infinity) F221 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Stucco (Infinity) F221
    • Aluminum (Infinity) F222 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Aluminum (Infinity) F222
    • Gull (Infinity) F230 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Gull (Infinity) F230
    • Pewter (Infinity) F231 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Pewter (Infinity) F231
    • Aster (Infinity) F219 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Aster (Infinity) F219
    • Rinse (Infinity) F214 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Rinse (Infinity) F214
    • Capri (Infinity) F218 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Capri (Infinity) F218
    • Beyond (Infinity) F220 - Fabrics 200 Series
      Beyond (Infinity) F220
  • Snow P114 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)Snow P114
    EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
    • Snow P114 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Snow P114
    • Overcast  P124 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Overcast P124
    • Iced Grey P106 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Iced Grey P106
    • Ash P100 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Ash P100
    • Slate P105 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Slate P105
    • Charcoal P101 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Charcoal P101
    • Jet P122 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Jet P122
    • Canvas P126 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Canvas P126
    • Parchment P130 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Parchment P130
    • Oat P116 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Oat P116
    • Smoke P129 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Smoke P129
    • Clay P128 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Clay P128
    • Cocoa P121 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Cocoa P121
    • Arctic P127 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Arctic P127
    • Spruce P123 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Spruce P123
    • Denim P118 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Denim P118
    • Sky P117 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Sky P117
    • Cobalt P102 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Cobalt P102
    • Blueprint P125 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Blueprint P125
    • Midnight P119 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Midnight P119
    • Sunflower P111 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Sunflower P111
    • Tangerine P109 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Tangerine P109
    • Ruby P108 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Ruby P108
    • Aqua P115 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Aqua P115
    • Pear P103 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Pear P103
    • Moss P120 - EchoScape 3/8″ (9MM)
      Moss P120
  • Phantom Ecru L100 - LaminatesPhantom Ecru L100
    • Phantom Ecru L100 - Laminates
      Phantom Ecru L100
    • Fusion Maple L120 - Laminates
      Fusion Maple L120
    • New Age Oak L102 - Laminates
      New Age Oak L102
    • Huntington Maple L118 - Laminates
      Huntington Maple L118
    • Windswept Bronze L103 - Laminates
      Windswept Bronze L103
    • Black Walnut L104 - Laminates
      Black Walnut L104
    • Cafelle L107 - Laminates
      Cafelle L107
    • Grey Elm L121 - Laminates
      Grey Elm L121
    • Bleached Legno L105 - Laminates
      Bleached Legno L105
    • Asian Night L119 - Laminates
      Asian Night L119
    • Smokey Brown Pear L106 - Laminates
      Smokey Brown Pear L106
    • Blackened Legno L108 - Laminates
      Blackened Legno L108
    • Frosty White L124 - Laminates
      Frosty White L124
    • Folkstone L110 - Laminates
      Folkstone L110
    • Citadel Warp L111 - Laminates
      Citadel Warp L111
    • White Drops L113 - Laminates
      White Drops L113
    • Woolamai Brush L114 - Laminates
      Woolamai Brush L114
    • Blue Agave L115 - Laminates
      Blue Agave L115
    • Hollyberry L116 - Laminates
      Hollyberry L116
    • Clementine L117 - Laminates
      Clementine L117

Add Hardware & Accessories Options

Choose foot options and a variety of accessories to support spontaneous creativity.
Foot Options 4 Wheels or 2 Feet
Annex Rail Series Accessories Marker Tray, Letter Tray, Legal Tray, Accessory Tray, Pen Cup
Other Accessories Flip Chart Clip Set

Product Information

Production Lead Time Call for current lead times
Freight Dry Erase Boards ship assembled. See our freight program for more information. Freight Program
Fully Customizable Additional sizes, shapes, and core materials are possible. Call, email or chat with us online for more information.

Charter™ TruBrite™ Whiteboard

Configure Your Board

Full panel and dual sided, Charter™ whiteboards allow for writing from top to bottom and are available in several widths and heights.

  • Framework is constructed using aluminum extrusion,
  • All metal parts are anodized, or powder coated for an aesthetic and durable finish
  • Our metal mobile feet have 3” locking casters
  • Nesting frame design allows for easy space-saving storage
  • TruBrite™ dry erase surface is non-ghosting and easy to clean
  • Made in the USA

Annex™ TruBrite™ Whiteboard

Configure Your Board

Customize your portable whiteboards on wheels with a lower core panel that matches your brand or office décor.  Available in several widths and heights, the Annex™ style core panels are divided with a slatwall accessory rail.  Complete the lower core of your Annex Dry Erase Board with tackable fabric, frosted acrylic, laminate or our acoustic EchoScape™ material, each available in a wide array of colors.  Don’t forget to add our Rail accessories to complete your display solution.

  • Framework is constructed using aluminum extrusion
  • Customizable lower core – fabric, frosted acrylic, laminate or acoustic EchoScape™
  • Available accessories include: Flip Chart Clip Set, Marker Tray, Letter Tray, Legal Tray, Accessory Tray and Pencil Cup
  • Our metal mobile feet have 3” locking casters
  • Nesting frame design allows for easy space-saving storage
  • Made in the USA

Customize Your Way

Take Your Space To The Next Level

Need a custom size, material or design for your Trubrite™ Whiteboards, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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