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EchoDeco® Sliding Track Panel Solution

Divide Rooms, Doors, Entryways and Windows

Our new acoustic EchoDeco® Sliding Track Panels for rooms, doors, entry ways, and windows are stylish and effective. Wall, ceiling, or overhead mounted, sliding panels with sound absorbing material, create separation and division while quieting your space.

EchoDeco® Sliding Track Panels offer the versatility of ceiling or overhead mounting as well as wall mounting and can incorporate up to 5 panels on one track. Other mechanical options for your sliding panel solution include how the panels collapse and slide open. Take a look at the sliding panel videos or quote request form below for more details on how to customize your sliding panel solution.

The next step is to design your panels. Choose from 26 colors of our NRC rated acoustic EchoScape material; add a design cut-out on your panels or back the cut-out panel with a solid panel. Another option is to start with a solid panel then add a design pop-out on top. See all our panel design options here.

Ready for a quote? Complete the quote form below and upload any drawings, sketches or information that helps explain your requirements. We’ll do the rest! Please allow 2 business days for a quote.

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EchoDeco® Sliding Track Panels

  • EchoDeco<span class=®Sliding Track Panels - Pull Along " class="img-responsive aligncenter" />
    EchoDeco®Sliding Track Panels - Pull Along
  • EchoDeco<span class=® Sliding Track Panels - Independent movement " class="img-responsive aligncenter" />
    EchoDeco® Sliding Track Panels - Independent movement

Quote Request

EchoDeco® Sliding Track Panel Solution

Please provide as much information as possible in the fields below. We’ll be happy to assist you in finding the right solution, and can offer suggestions and ideas based on your requirements.




    Overall opening width?

    Overall track length needed?*


    How many channels in track? (1-5)

    Quantity of track assemblies required?


    Panel Information:

    Panel Width: (Max width 48”)

    *Material thickness – 3/8” (9mm)

    Panel Height: (Max height 96”)

    *Material thickness – 3/8” (9mm)

    Panel Qty*:

    *Panel qty will be recommended based on design

    EchoDeco Panel Design:


    Panel Sliding Relationship:

    If pull along sliding relationship is selected, how are panels stored or collapsed...

    To ensure an accurate estimate, kindly provide any sketches or images of the intended project. Your visual representation will assist us in better understanding the requirements and specifications. (Max. 3 Files)

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