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Protecting Employees in an Open Workspace

  • April 6, 2020
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Protecting Employees in an Open Workspace - Texas MedClinic Careers

Many businesses are having their employees work remotely for what may be the first time. But what happens when employees are allowed to return to the office?

Many modern offices have adopted an open concept to encourage collaboration, but this set up may cause employees to feel uncomfortable, their thoughts filled with the current health situation and their safety. Providing privacy and safeguarding their individual workspace can ease the anxieties of employees.

One way of providing employees with the protection and social distancing they need is by adding desk dividers to their current desks, tables, or other workstations. There are several advantages of adding desk dividers to your workspaces:

  1. Adding Barriers. Desk dividers add barriers between workspaces, adding privacy and safeguarding your employees.
  2. Easy to Clean. All of MergeWorks’ materials are easy to clean and disinfect.
  3. Acoustic Properties. Desk dividers are available in our Acoustic EchoScape™ material. With an NRC rating of 0.90, our ¾” (18mm) thick EchoScape™ absorbs up to 90% of sound that impacts the panels from both inside and outside the workstation.
  4. Easy Installation. Desk dividers come with multiple mounting options, removable and permanent, to fit your current furniture and space needs.
  5. Cost Effective. No purchasing of new furniture necessary! MergeWorks’ desk dividers can be easily added to existing furniture.

MergeWorks offers several different styles of desk dividers to suit the needs of your space and your furniture, as well as a variety of sizes, materials and colors.

  • Enclave™ desk dividers easily mount on the edge of your desk or sit on the top of your desk to make multiple spaces from one table. Both permanent and removable mounting options are available.
  • Midtown™ desk dividers are mounted at a set height at the back of the desk and offer privacy above and below the desk. Both permanent and removable mounting options are available.
  • SwitchIT™ desk dividers use our patent pending magnetic mounting assembly to give you the ability to control your environment, easily allowing you to switch from a private to an open workspace in a matter of seconds. These are available for back and side wings.
  • Uptown™ desk dividers are height adjustable dividers that offer privacy above and below the back of the desk. Our permanent mounting assembly lets your control the height of your panel.

By adding an acrylic desk dividers to your office’s current furniture, you can provide social distancing and safeguard the workspace of your employees when they return to the office. Click here to learn more about MergeWorks’ desk dividers.

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