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Mistakes to Avoid when Designing a Conference Room

  • November 28, 2017
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Mistakes to Avoid when Designing a Conference Room - Texas MedClinic Careers

Conference rooms are where next-gen business ideas are born. Research shows that employees in senior positions spend almost half of their time in meetings. It’s important that these collaboration spaces are designed and equipped with the right furniture to enhance creativity. In addition to equipment such as mobile dry erase boards that encourage collaboration, conference rooms need to have the right color and furniture. In this blog post, we discuss mistakes to avoid when designing a conference room.

Mistakes to Avoid When Designing an Office Space –

Not Enough Collaboration Equipment

Most conference rooms have a wall-mounted whiteboard or mobile glass boards for brainstorming and ideas. But is one enough? By adding mobile dry erase boards, you can easily bring in more writing surfaces to accommodate all those creative ideas and ensure that there is plenty of writing space. Another advantage of a dry erase boards on wheels is they can easily be moved throughout the office to continue the work started in the meeting.

Failure to Integrate Technology and Design

The right conference room design is as much about creating a space that’s beautiful as it is functional, which requires balancing technology and design. To achieve this objective, install desks and tables with built-in with power adapters. You can also add power outlets and communication ports to existing tables, to make your workspace free and safe from a jumble of wires and clutter. Similarly, make sure that the size of the video screen is appropriate as per the size and design of the meeting room; it should be neither too small nor too large.

Forgetting to Bring in Nature

Research shows that incorporating elements of nature within office environments can improve employee moods and promote well-being. So, whether you include a few green indoor plants, incorporate a fireplace feature, or add a water-wall, these elements can help create an inviting and relaxing environment resulting in more creativity from meeting attendees. Elements such as walls covered in plants and wood features offer more benefits than you may think, as they also help absorb sound.

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Failure to Appreciate Color Psychology

Using the right colors can transform a dull and an uninviting space into an encouraging and motivational meeting area. Even adding color to auxiliary furniture such as mobile dry erase boards and room dividers can play a role in your conference room design. Before you choose colors for your conference room, make sure you understand what thoughts and feelings different colors can evoke. Here are a few examples:

  • Blue — Confidence, wisdom and trust
  • Red — Strength, power and determination
  • Green – Harmony, growth, and freshness
  • Black — Elegance, power, and formality
  • White — Purity, safety, and cleanliness


Installing the Wrong Furniture

Furniture plays a crucial role in defining any workplace. Installing the right furniture helps make the workspace functional and comfortable. Height-adjustable tables, for instance, are a smart solution to keep meetings active. Attendees can raise and lower their desks during meetings to help them remain focused and productive. Similarly, it is important to include some mobile light-weight furniture that can easily be rearranged to create a different atmosphere when the need arises. When installing a writing medium for collaboration, go for a dry erase board on wheels, as you can use portable dry erase board throughout the office as well.

When designing a conference room there several factors to consider including space utilization, comfort, and collaboration equipment. The type of furniture you install largely influences these factors. Merge Works offers a range of innovative office furniture items and accessories such as mobile dry erase boards, partition walls, and tables to help design a conference room that inspires creativity and promotes participation. To more about our products, click here. You can also give us a call at 210-988-6768 or complete our contact form.

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