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6 Factors To Consider When Looking For An Office Whiteboard

  • December 8, 2017
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6 Factors To Consider When Looking For An Office Whiteboard - Texas MedClinic Careers

We’ve all participated in meetings with boring slide presentations, sometimes it’s hard to stay awake. On the other hand, presentations using a whiteboard are more spontaneous and interactive, therefore effective in communicating the intended message. Moreover, if there is a complex idea that needs brainstorming, almost no digital tool can substitute a whiteboard. Clearly, whiteboards are an important piece of office equipment. Although whiteboards may seem generic, not all whiteboard are the same. This blog discusses 6 factors to consider before purchasing whiteboards for your office environment.

1. Durability

The first factor to consider is the frequency of whiteboard usage. For high usage opt for a porcelain or glass whiteboard that does not scratch or dent easily. Cheaper alternatives such as melamine tend to fade and ghost easily making it difficult to see writing.

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2. Size

The next factor is the size of the room or wall on which the whiteboard would be mounted. The right size of the whiteboard needed in your office will also depend on the number of people who will be using the whiteboard. A whiteboard for a meeting room should be large, whereas for a personal room, a smaller mobile whiteboard would suffice.

3. Mobility

If you need a whiteboard for different rooms such as meeting and conference rooms, mobile whiteboards offer an effective solution. Whiteboards on casters can be easily moved around the office to be used when and where they are needed.

4. Surface

If budget is a constraint and you aren’t going to use your whiteboard too frequently, a melamine whiteboard is a good option. However, you are looking for a board that will be used frequently, try one made of porcelain or glass whiteboard, as they are more durable, last longer and made for high usage.

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5. Warranty

Check the warranties on whiteboards. The duration of the warranty will differ depending on the brand and the material of the whiteboard. It’s always advisable to choose a whiteboard that is backed with longer warranty even if the upfront cost is higher. It will definitely save you money in the long run.

6. Price

Look for a whiteboard that has all the features you need. Keep in the mind that an inexpensive whiteboard stains and ghosts easily and therefore has to be replaced much quicker than a porcelain or glass board. Porcelain or glass boards may cost more upfront, but they will last for many years.

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Whiteboards are a staple in office boardrooms and have been around for decades. Over the years, whiteboards have undergone a number of design and functional improvements. If you are planning to buy a high quality whiteboard for your office, get in touch with one of the experts at Merge Works to help you find the one that suits your needs. Call us at 210-988-6768, or fill out our contact form for a prompt response from our team.

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