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MergeWorks is Available on CET

  • March 14, 2022
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MergeWorks is Available on CET - Texas MedClinic Careers

MergeWorks products are now easier to design, specify and visualize with our catalog, available on CET. Download the MergeWorks extension in Configura to see our catalog, complete with PGC functionality (smart symbols) that save time and make specifying our desk dividers and modular panels an easy process.

MergeWorks Products Available on CET

Smart symbols allow you to easily change sizes, material options and colors, giving you the ability to customize your designs to fit your space, or upgrade your office furniture decor by mixing colors and textures.

  • Our Enclave™ desk dividers are an effective solution to provide separation, visual privacy and reduce noise. Enclave panels come in a variety of materials including acrylics, tackable fabrics, and acoustic EchoScape™. Choose the material that best fits your office’s needs, then choose from our large selection of permanent or removable mounting options available to be tested on CET with any manufacturer’s worksurface. Our made-to-order privacy panels can be customized to fit and mount on any desk or worksurface without effecting your budget or timeline. If you don’t find what you need on CET, contact us for a custom quote.
  • Divide and maximize your current space with our contemporary room dividers and modular panels. Build and design meeting rooms, waiting rooms, collaboration huddle spaces or private work areas with our free-standing privacy panels.
    • Our Urban Wall™ room divider is completely customizable and designed for versatility and functionality. Build your 2 to 6 core Urban Wall using our variety of materials and color options to fit your brand.
    • Our single core Villa Walls™ and 2-Core Duplex Walls™ are ideal for creating custom cubicles, workstations, study carrels or dividing space without incurring the costly expense of cubicle systems or construction. Available in a wide range of heights, widths and core options makes it easy to design a custom configuration that fits the size and aesthetics of your current space. For an acoustic solution, choose our EchoScape™ material, now available in 7 new colors.
    • Our Notch Walls™ are perfect for creating physical barriers in a shared office environment. Quickly turn open, shared tables and worksurfaces into separate and protected individual spaces.

With a wide variety of privacy screen styles, materials and sizes, it’s easy to create a more efficient use of your space without breaking your budget. Add our hinge kits, wall mounts, and free-standing or mobile feet for limitless configuration options.

  • If you need a flexible and versatile option, our Fold-N-Roll Villa Walls™ allow you to easily reconfigure any room instantly. Add separation between tables, chairs, or workstations by easily moving, folding or unfolding the mobile, 180° hinged panels. When not needed, simply fold the panels closed for a compact storage solution and roll them away.

With MergeWorks, the possibilities are endless. RE|Work your space with the MergeWorks catalog, available on Configura today.

Need help? Find your office solution and get your questions answered by contacting our customer service team. Please reach out to them at 800-597-1195, email or online chat at

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