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5 Essentials for Perfect Conference Meetings

  • August 18, 2017
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5 Essentials for Perfect Conference Meetings - Texas MedClinic Careers

If there’s one place where most ideas originate and performance reports shared, it is the conference meeting room. Conference rooms are designed for collaboration, discussions, and brainstorming. Executing a productive conference meeting, however, requires not just the presence of the right people, but also the right equipment such as a whiteboard on wheels in a conference room. In this blog post, we list five such essentials for perfect conference meetings. Let’s begin.


The presence of a whiteboard helps make sure that you have a proper medium to record your ideas during a conference meeting. If you are one of those who uses glass walls to collaborate, there are number of reasons to choose a portable whiteboard on wheels over glass walls. Whiteboards on wheels pose no glaring, staining, or safety issues, as they are especially made for writing. The best part is, you can use portable whiteboards not just in conference rooms but anywhere in the office to collaborate, deliver a message, or make announcements to employees.


It goes without saying that conference rooms are not just used for internal collaboration but also to connect with clients and partners located at other locations. That said, a speakerphone is another essential for a conference room. Buying a speakerphone can be an overwhelming decision – thanks to the available options. So, make a pick that offers clear sound and is ideal as per the size of the conference room where you need to install it.


Sitting for longer durations makes you lethargic and can lead to a number of health issues such as diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Contribute to more active meetings and prevent such health concerns to a good extent by installing height adjustable tables in conference rooms. Height-adjustable tables, by allowing to conduct standup meetings, help ensure that you are stress free, more active, and productive during long conference meetings.


Video conferencing system, over the years, has almost become a need for most growing businesses. Installing this technology enables to collaborate with clients, partners, and employees sitting hundreds of miles away, saving thousands of dollars in travel costs. The latest video conferencing systems also enable to share files and conduct power presentations.


When you have many participants in a conference room, it can get noisier than you may think, especially if the area features an open design. That’s no wonder why around 74 percent of employees – according to a report by NPR – in open offices complain about noise distractions. Fix this issue by installing acoustic furniture such as acoustic clouds and fabricated office partitions in meeting rooms, especially if the conference room is built with partition walls.


All the items mentioned above are a must to help you conduct a perfect conference meeting. While height-adjustable tables aid to the comfort of participants, items such as whiteboards on wheels help effectively collaborate. You can use glass whiteboard when it comes to collaborating and writing down your ideas. Glassboards are sterile and more stylish than white boards, making them a favorite choice of many employers these days. Merge Works offers a range of both whiteboard and glass boards on wheels to help you make an optimal choice for your workspace. To check available options, click here. To learn more about our product range,click here or, speak to one of our representatives at 1-800-597-1195.

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