Enough can never be said about the physiological and psychological effects of office furniture design on employees. Prolonged sitting or standing in awkward positions is detrimental to one’s health. A 2010 study by Craig Knight shows that the workforce is up to 32% more productive if their surroundings are healthy, clean, and colorful. Design, color, and ergonomics are aspects which should be kept in mind when building a resonative work environment. The furniture units help you create a positive, healthy, and cohesive workspace. After all, it’s all about boosting employee health and productivity!


Custom height adjustable standing desks are a must for every workspace. The human body wasn’t designed to remain seated for up to nine hours every day. Sitting increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by two times. Adjustable standing desks are a great solution as they let you increase or decrease the desk height so you can sit or stand to derive maximum comfort. This not only helps with comfort and safety but also allows you burn lots of calories in the process. It’s a sleek and neat way to get the best of both worlds!


Modular Panels or Office Partitioners are simple and an inexpensive solutions to cordoning off  office spaces. Studies have demonstrated a boost in employee comfort and work efficiency when they feel safe and secure. Modular panels are ideal for separating cabins and cubicles. Usually four to five inches thick , they cover lengths from floor to ceiling. The panels are very sturdy and easily accommodate doors and shafts. Modular panels give you the look and feel of a real wall without all the hassles involved in building one, they can be installed, uninstalled, and moved within a matter of minutes.

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Desk dividers are usually used to separate workstations and individual employees.  They’re a great way of isolating spaces, providing privacy to individuals, and protecting information. They’re not only limited to the corporate sector but are also used in the education sector to keep away unwanted attention during exams.  They come in all shapes and sizes, with the most common types being frame/frameless dividers , side wings, and back panels etc.


Mobile dry erase boards have almost replaced the old conventional black boards, and for good reason. Mobility and the material used to make the boards make them more sustainable and cost effective. The lightweight and portable boards can be used to present ideas and brainstorm anywhere in the workspace. You can chose from a mobile blackboard or a mobile glass board according to the lighting and other specifications in your workspace.


These four office furniture options, when used in harmony and in accordance with each other, can create beautiful, flexible, healthy, and efficient workplaces where the workforce can thrive and feel good about their surroundings. If you’re looking for environment friendly, sustainable, and flexible workspace furniture , Merge Works has got you covered. Check out our office furniture selection or call us at (800) 597 1195 to discuss your requirements and customization options.