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Need Sound Privacy In Your Space?

Understanding Acoustic Distractions

Coping with a noisy environment is extremely frustrating. People talking on the phone, coworkers on social media, office equipment humming, telephones ringing and outdoor traffic echoing throughout your space are just some of the factors that contribute to poor office acoustics.

It’s been proven that loud work spaces can result in lost productivity. In fact, according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), noise is the main contributor of workplace stress. Let us help you reduce noise and distractions with our acoustic solutions.

Why Do You Need Sound Privacy? - MergeWorks®

Why Do You Need Sound Privacy?

Pinpointing Acoustic Distractions

The most common concern and challenge for interior acoustics is sound reverberation, or echo.  Every voice, machine and outside distracting noise is bouncing off all the hard surfaces in your work area and intensifying the sound.

The first step in correcting and balancing the acoustics in your workplace is to pinpoint where the distracting noise is coming from.  Is it coworkers’ voices that are in a close proximity, loud office equipment, or discussions coming from collaboration or huddle areas close by?

How Does Controlling Acoustics Work to Solve Noise Issues in Your Workspace? - MergeWorks®

How Does Controlling Acoustics Work to Solve Noise Issues in Your Workspace?

All these distracting sounds can be minimized by introducing sound absorbing panels and furniture in your workspace. MergeWorks’ NRC rated .9 acoustic EchoScape™ office furniture and wall panels absorb to 90% of noise, which improves ambient sound.

EchoScape™ Desk Dividers mounted on tables and desks absorb noise that’s close to you.  EchoDeco™ wall panels absorb noise from machines, traffic and neighboring areas. Room dividers and modular panels with EchoScape™ absorb voices from collaboration or conference areas. Improving workplace acoustics can result in measurable increases in productivity. By using the right mix of MergeWorks’ products, you can turn your noisy office into a highly functioning, distraction free environment.

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