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Hospitality Solutions

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Creating the ultimate consumer experience is what the hospitality industry is all about.

Consumers want to feel comfortable and safe, but in a way that wows them. Creating that safe and cozy environment doesn’t mean a complete and expensive redesign of lobbies, restaurants, bars and other gathering places.

Take a look at how MergeWorks creates solutions for the hospitality industry.

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Cafeteria Solutions

Balancing acoustics in a hospitality setting is another way to improve the overall consumer experience. Often restaurants are so loud that it ruins the dining experience and consumers will dine elsewhere. Adding highly rated acoustic material to spaces brings down the noise for a more comfortable experience which will bring your customer back time and again.

In this solution, we’ve added our EchoDeco Tiles to bring in more colors and texture while adding acoustic comfort. Acoustic EchoDeco hanging panels separate space, improve aesthetics and noise levels.

Product shown – EchoDeco™ Tiles in Junction design in acoustic EchoScape™ material,  Cocoa, Demin and Moss. EchoDeco™ Hanging Panels in Strata design in Sunflower.

Restaurant Solutions

Adding separation to a restaurant while keeping with the décor can be challenging. Mobile or free-standing room dividers are customizable to merge with your space.  Add new colors and textures in room dividers to bring in accents or add custom fabric or materials for an exact match to your existing design.

These colored acrylic Villa Walls provide just the right pop of color to this trendy environment. Also incorporated into the room aesthetics are colorful acoustic wall shapes to help with noise control.

Products shown:  Villa Walls with free-standing feet in Acrylic, Red, Light Blue and Orange. The back wall design is made from EchoDeco™ Shapes, Triangles in acoustic EchoScape material, Red, Orange, Jet and Sky.
Cafeteria Solutions - MergeWorks®
 - MergeWorks®
Restaurant Solutions - MergeWorks®
 - MergeWorks®

Lobby Room Solutions

Raise the bar in your common area by adding privacy and acoustic comfort while enhancing the room aesthetics.

Acoustic EchoDeco hanging panels refresh the design of this lobby, create smaller spaces and improve sound. EchoDeco Hanging Panels can be customized to showcase your brand or space design.

Products shown – Acoustic  EchoDeco™ hanging panels in Pebbles design, Oak and Sky.
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