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Hospitality Solutions

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Innovative Solutions for Hospitality Spaces

Hospitality establishments frequently encounter issues concerning excessive noise, which can affect the overall experience of their guests. Our acoustic solutions are designed to diminish echoes and mitigate disruptive sounds, allowing you to elevate your venue’s ambiance. Create an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and contentment for your guests by incorporating our acoustic solutions into your space.

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Maintaining Noise Levels

Balancing acoustics in a hospitality setting is another way to improve the overall consumer experience. Often restaurants are so loud that it ruins the dining experience and consumers will dine elsewhere. Adding highly rated our EchoDeco® Tiles and EchoDeco­® Hanging Panels to spaces brings down the noise for a more comfortable experience which will bring your customer back time and again.

Acoustic Features 

  • Acoustic material thickness – 3/8” (9mm), with an NRC rating of 0.85
  • Tiles and Panels available in several designs and colors
  • Multiple mounting and hanging options available

Space Challenges

In hospitality spaces, the need for versatile and functional separation solutions often arises to enhance privacy and improve the overall guest experience. Open-plan layouts can sometimes lack the desired level of division between different areas, leading to a lack of privacy and potential disruptions. With its customizable and adaptable design, the Villa Wall® can be easily installed to add separation and define distinct areas within hospitality spaces such as lobbies, dining areas, and lounges.

Mobile Features 

  • Design your Villa Wall from 5 different materials, each in an array of rich colors
  • Choose your foot options, mobile or freestanding
  • Room panels ship fully assembled
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Distracting Noise

In hospitality spaces, such as hotels, restaurants, and event venues, distracting noises can significantly impact the guest experience, leading to discomfort and reduced satisfaction. These noises may include chatter, clinking dishes, background music, and other ambient sounds that can create distractions and often hinder guest conversations or relaxation. Our solution, the EchoDeco® Wall Panels and EchoDeco® Baffles provide an effective remedy to these acoustic challenges, which are designed to absorbs distracting noise in any hospitality space.

Acoustic Features 

  • EchoDeco Wall Panels and Baffles are available in several different sizes and designs
  • Available in 26 colors, 3/8” (9mm) panels and baffles are NRC rated up to 0.85
  • Easy to install,  baffles and panels can be hung from most any ceiling type

Build Your Hospitality Space

Discover our range of products designed to enhance space, sound, and efficiency in Hospitality spaces. Need a customized solution? Give us a call or chat with us online today!

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