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As the healthcare industry works to improve favorable patient experiences, organizations need to provide spaces for patients and their families that are welcoming and safe. Take a look at how our products update and improve these healthcare areas using our multi-functional and versatile room dividers.

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Treatment Room Solutions

Treatments can be stressful and uncomfortable. Providing a private and comfortable space enhances the patient experience from start to finish. Using our Urban Walls, large treatment rooms can be divided into smaller, cozy private areas. Our 3-Core Urbans Walls with translucent designer acrylic evoke a calming, caring environment for both patients and staff.

Product shown: 3-Core Urban Wall™ on locking casters.  Top 2 cores are Lumicor Walden Dusk acrylic and bottom core is Smokey Brown Pear acrylic.  Both surfaces can be disinfected and cleaned.

Examination Area Solutions

Examination areas need to be functional and versatile to accommodate a variety of requirements. Patients need privacy while receiving medical attention while staff need the ability to document patient care and progress. Multipurpose Duplex Walls™ provide both privacy and separation while adding a large dry erase surface for patient care, keeping both staff and patient updated.

Product shown – Duplex Wall™ with free-standing feet.  Top core is our non-ghosting TruBrite whiteboard and bottom core is Smokey Brown Pear laminate.  Both surfaces can be disinfected and cleaned.
Treatment Room Solutions - MergeWorks®
 - MergeWorks®
Examination Area Solutions - MergeWorks®
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Waiting Room Solutions

High noise levels negatively impact both patient and medical staff. Introducing acoustic material into waiting areas can help lower distracting noise for a more relaxed and comfortable environment. Room dividers incorporating our highly rated acoustic material deliver a multifunction and affordable solution by reducing noise, reconfiguring space, and updating aesthetics; all without adding costly construction.

Products shown – 6-Core Urban Wall™ with acoustic EchoScape material, Demin and Moss and Frosted Acrylic. Villa Walls™ hinged to the wall with EchoScape Demin and Moss.
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