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Enhance the learning experience across all levels of education with our acoustic and privacy solutions. Designed to boost productivity and foster collaboration, our products transform educational spaces into spaces promoting academic success. Revolutionize your educational institution’s environment and empower students to excel academically with our comprehensive solutions.

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Limited Space Options

In education spaces, creating adaptable environments that can accommodate lessons and activities is essential. However, traditional room dividers often limit the versatility of these spaces, making it challenging to adjust layouts. Our product, the Fold-N-Roll Villa Wall™, addresses these space problems effectively by allowing for easy reconfiguration, adding separation, and creating breakout areas. Not to mention the convenient dry erase areas, allowing a great collaboration feature between students and educators.

Privacy Features

  • Hinge allows walls to fold up to 180°
  • Walls can be folded to make multiple configurations
  • Framework is constructed using lightweight aluminum extrusion

Privacy Issues

Maintaining privacy during discussions, tests, or group activities is crucial for fostering a conducive learning environment. However, traditional classroom setups often lack adequate privacy measures, leading to concerns about distractions, confidentiality, and focused learning.  Midtown Desk Dividers are designed to create individual workspaces, providing visual and auditory privacy for students during various educational activities.

Privacy Features

  • Adds privacy above and below the desk
  • Several material options available including Acoustic EchoScape 3/8” (9mm)  – 0.85 NRC rated
  • Set height removable or permanent mount brackets available
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Confidentiality Challenges

Privacy is paramount in education spaces, especially within classrooms where confidential discussions, assessments, and learning activities take place. However, traditional classroom setups often lack adequate privacy measures, leading to distractions and reduced focus among students. Our product, the EchoDeco® Villa Wall, offers a practical remedy to these privacy problems by providing customizable partitions that can be easily installed to create separate and private areas within classrooms.

Privacy Features

  • Framework is constructed using lightweight aluminum extrusion
  • Modular panels can be hinged together to create 2, 3 or 4-way configurations
  • Ships fully assembled

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Discover our range of products designed to enhance space, sound, and efficiency in Education spaces. Need a customized solution? Give us a call or chat with us online today!

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