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Creating interactive learning environments for the education industry is key. Classrooms, libraries, and study areas require flexibility for instant changes depending on student and instructor preferences.

Take a look at our learning environment solutions.

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Primary Classrooms Solutions

Change your  learning space instantly. Fold-N-Roll Villa Walls easily create huddle areas or private space, then when not needed, simply collapse the wall and store them away. The acoustic panels control noise and add a pop of color while dry erase boards add an extra learning display. The acoustic wall mural enhances a bright atmosphere along with added acoustic control.

Product shown – Fold-N-Roll™ Villa Wall™ with double sided TruBrite Whiteboards in middle panel and acoustic EchoScape on both side panels,  Sunflower, Tangerine, Sky and Cobalt. EchoDeco™ Shapes – Circles and Scales in Sunflower, Sky and Cobalt.

Higher Education Solutions

Quiet and safety is most important when studying and learning. The Midtown desk dividers contribute to a safe and comfortable environment above and below the desk. These fabric divider panels can also be used as tack boards for learning and study organization.  The back wall mural is made from highly rated acoustic material that absorbs noise to keep this large space comfortable, helping with concentration.

Products shown:  Upper level – Midtown desk dividers in Fabric, Atoll. Lower Level – Midtown desk dividers in Fabric,  Barley.  Back wall – EchoDeco™ Shapes – Triangles, Hexagon, Rectangle, Diamond, and Trapezoid in, Oat, Cocoa, Pear and Spruce.
Primary Classrooms Solutions - MergeWorks®
 - MergeWorks®
Higher Education Solutions - MergeWorks®
 - MergeWorks®

School Library Solutions

Whether it be smaller spaces for collaboration and studying or large areas for group learning, spaces need to adapt to student learning styles. In this solution, Villa Walls create a cozy private and separated space for students while reading or studying. Adding our highly rated acoustic material in the Villa Walls lowers noise levels for all students in the room. Frosted acrylic panels offer privacy and defines space for each computer user. Desk dividers make it easy to divide table space for studying and testing.

Products shown- Foreground – Villa Walls hinged together with acoustic EchoScape in Aqua. Enclave desk dividers with removable middle clamps in Frosted Acrylic.
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