Ways to Efficiently Utilize Office Spaces with Modern Furniture

  • February 22, 2017
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Ways to Efficiently Utilize Office Spaces with Modern Furniture - Texas MedClinic Careers

A new office space is a blank slate. Despite the exciting potential in designing rooms to your taste, the task can be overwhelming. Modern office spaces hold big promises and must be designed to foster both, productivity and collaboration. Whether you have a handful or hundreds of employees, workspaces should be modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, among other indispensable attributes. Creative furniture solutions, such as Enclave Panel Desk DividersMobile Whiteboards, and other modern furniture can be used in office floor design to bring out a flexible environment. Sustainable and modular furniture from Merge Works helps you craft the best hybrid workspaces. Let’s take a look at some solutions that can work together to meet your company’s office floor design needs.


Clusters of furniture invite workers to come together and collaborate. They can huddle up in a comfortable space when face-to-face interaction is essential for a project. Plus, many modular seating solutions feature built-in power sockets so you are not restricted by relying on wall sockets alone or clutter the place with cabling. Whether your employees need to huddle up for a quick meeting or work alone, modular seating provides ideal spaces to meet their needs. The solution also works well for both, introverts and extroverts.

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One of the essential elements of an organized office is a smart storage system. Whether you need to store small stationary items or large files, proper storage accessories facilitate the ease of organizing personal workstations and the overall workplace. Merge Works offers a series of accessories that will help you declutter and create a positive working environment. Smart storage can also help you save time when you need a particular file or document.


Acoustical partitions divide workspaces sonically and visually. They minimize distractions brought on when groups work on different tasks in close proximity. Partitions such as glass walls dampen noises, allowing for better focus and more productivity. Two teams can hold meetings concurrently on either side of the partition without bothering each other. The attractive false walls also separate the room visually. Strategically placed, individuals and groups can have their own spaces in the same room, without any permanent modifications


Whether your office occupies a large or small area, you can use the above pointers that leverage modern office furniture to efficiently utilize office space for a more flexible and sustainable workplace setting. Merge Works offers all kinds of office furniture and storage solutions to make your large office space fully functional and aesthetically pleasing. You can visit our website and go through our inventory to find the furniture and accessories which suit your office needs. Fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you, or call us at 800.597.1195 to know more.

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