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The Key to a Quieter Workspace? Acoustic Ceiling Tiles!

  • December 7, 2022
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The Key to a Quieter Workspace? Acoustic Ceiling Tiles! - Texas MedClinic Careers

Noise in large workspaces can be difficult to manage. Sound must travel further in large spaces and can reverberate, causing noise to amplify. But how can you help dampen the sound? Maybe you’ve already implemented a couple of room dividers, carpets, or sound panels on the walls, and it hasn’t made a substantial difference. Many people miss out on one of the most pivotal parts of treating a workspace for sound, and that’s the ceiling!

How Ceiling Tiles Work

Most people don’t know that ceiling height is extremely important in terms of acoustics. Poor acoustics can be caused by the sound having to travel further due to the ceiling height. This can cause sound to get trapped in the dead space above your head, causing the sound to have longer reverberation times and extends the time it takes for the sound to dissipate. Ceiling tiles, like MergeWorks’ EchoDeco® Ceiling Tiles, are excellent for absorbing sound and reducing noise, while also being a great way to add color and flair to your workspace.

Ceiling Tiles simultaneously reduce unwanted noise, increase energy efficiency, and update the look for your space. Acoustic ceiling tiles can absorb the stray noise that spreads through an office space, creating a serene sound-controlled environment. MergeWorks’ EchoDeco® Ceiling Tiles are easy to install and can help manage unwanted noise. Simply drop into any ACT ceiling grid with no installation or costly construction and they have an NRC rating of 0.85. Our acoustic ceiling tiles get right to work to turn down the noise and create a beautiful workspace in the process.

RE|INSPIRE Your Workplace with EchoDeco® Ceiling Tiles

Our workspace solutions are designed to be easy to integrate with your space and provide the right amount of both visual and sound privacy in materials and colors that match your office décor or brand.

RE|INSPIRE your workplace today with MergeWorks’ EchoDeco® Ceiling Tiles to effortlessly enhance your business and create the perfect workspace. Our customer service team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Contact Us at 800-597-1195 today.

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