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Hybrid Office Spaces: Towards Increased Workplace Productivity

  • July 18, 2017
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Hybrid Office Spaces: Towards Increased Workplace Productivity - Texas MedClinic Careers

Hybrid workplace designs are in and traditional layouts are out. Today’s dynamic marketplaces require employee collaboration and interaction. Separate offices and cubicles from traditional office plans with high desk dividers do not provide a clear and instant channel of communication. Hybrid spaces are known to increase workplace productivity by engaging employees in a healthy and fun work environment. One of the quintessential elements of hybrid office design is modern modular office furniture such as desk dividers and height adjustable furniture. Merge Works is one of the leading manufacturers of modern office furniture, and can help you create a nontraditional office space. This post gives an overview of everything you need to know about incorporating the elements of modern office design in the workplace.


The three elements that must come together to form a productive and successful hybrid office are given below.

Flexible Furniture

Flexible and movable furniture is the most important aspect of a hybrid office layout. Unlike the traditional office space consisting of immovable furniture that did not allow for free movement around the office, modern office furniture such as removable desk dividers allow for privacy and communication at the same time.

Energy Saving Measures

A hybrid office layout not only focuses on flexibility, but also helps save business energy costs. When planning what kind of lighting to install, choose LED, fluorescent, or UID lights. You can also invest in insulating paints that not only helps save energy costs, but also keeps the inside of the building cool or hot, depending on your needs.

Recreational Areas

Recreational areas in offices are essential for boosting the morale of employees. Office spaces with elements of recreation such as games and team-building activities encourage employees to work harder, stay longer, maintain their composure in a crisis, and help the organization succeed.


Instead of one-size-fits-all cabins and rooms in traditional office layouts, modern hybrid offices benefit from a variety of spaces to meet diverse needs of employees. If you wish to incorporate the elements of hybrid offices mentioned in this blog at your workplace, Merge Works is the answer to all your modern office furniture needs. We also provide creative ideas that will help you turn your office into a hybrid workplace. You can choose from our wide variety of modern office furniture and office accessories including framed and frameless desk dividers, portable whiteboards and glass boards, and height-adjustable desks and tables. To get in touch, fill out a contact form, and we will get back to you, shortly. You can also call 1-800-597-1195

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