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How To Create an Office Space That Employees Will Love

  • November 7, 2017
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How To Create an Office Space That Employees Will Love - Texas MedClinic Careers

Employees spend a major share of their hours in the office, so it is essential they feel comfortable at the workplace. Setting up an office that feels like home will keep employees happy and productive.

There’s plenty a business can do to provide employees with more than just a space to work. Creating both personal and collaborative space using modern office partitions, can provide a comfortable and relaxed setting for employees. If an office makeover is on your mind, here are some elements to help create a setting that will allow your employees to thrive..

Tips for creating an office space loved by the employees –

1. Add Ergonomic Furniture

Employees spend most of their time at their workstation, make sure their chair and desk are ergonomically designed. Look for adjustable height desks that allow employees to work either sitting or standing. Adjustable height desks offer many health benefits.

2. Change Lighting

Get rid of linear fluorescents that make the office look dull. Go for layer lighting that include multiple light sources to help balance a room by minimizing glare and shadows, while adding depth and dimension.

3. Paint Walls

Adding color to your walls will make your space look more welcoming, enhance moods and impact productivity. Using bright colors have been proven to increase output and stimulate creativity.

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4. Create Recreational Space

Don’t make the office a plain and boring space where employees only work. Create a reading nook or an open kitchen where your people can spend moments to de-stress themselves.

5. Introduce Greenery

Plants bring lots of positivity to any environment. Fresh flowers for the reception area and succulents for workstations help de-stress employees. Adding large potted plants around the office has been proven to increase happiness within an office.

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The office is a second home to employees, they spend a substantial amount of time there every day. Creating a welcoming and ergonomic working environment keeps everyone positive, creative and happy. We, at Merge Works, are passionate about helping customers create an office that employees will love. Interested in learning more about how modern office partitions and modern office space dividers can create your ideal office space? Call us at 210-988-6768 or complete our contact form.

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