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Cubicle Etiquette Tips

  • January 5, 2018
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Cubicle Etiquette Tips - Texas MedClinic Careers

People who work in cubicles will tell you how it’s not often easy or fun to work in such close quarters. You have little to no privacy despite the presence of modern office partition walls and office desk partitions. Because being packed so close together makes it difficult to be on your best behavior every day of the week, here are some handy tips to help you work on your cubicle etiquette.

1. Cubicle Decor

Office partition walls and desk partitions do provide some space to personalize your workspace, so make the space your own. A word of caution, be aware of the imagines, graphics and information you pin to your cubicle walls, you don’t want to offend your co-workers.

2. Avoid Listening to Music

Even though your workspace seems private, you’re not alone. Since everyone’s music taste is different, it’s much better to keep a pair of earphones handy. That way you can still enjoy your music and keep your coworkers happy.

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3. Watch What You Eat

We’re all guilty of eating at our workstations, sometimes it’s the only way we can stay on top of our work. You don’t want to be the coworker that’s known for stinking up the office. That delicious salmon you enjoyed for dinner last night, although healthy, doesn’t work for lunch the next day.

4. Respect Personal Space

Office partition walls are the only privacy you and your neighbors have, peeking over the walls to speak to your neighbors is a clear violation of their privacy. Even though your coworker is just over the cubicle, avoid shouting. Try a quick knock on the office partition wall as if it were a door before talking to your neighbor, this small courtesy will be appreciated.

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5. Respect Others Property

Although this may sound cliche, the truth is most people often disregard this rule for things they deem to be trivial. Always make a point of asking, whether it’s just a staple or paper clip. Never borrow anything from a coworker’s cubicle if they are not there.

Parting Tips

Office furniture and accessories such as office wall partitions and office desk dividers are indispensable in today’s flexible workspaces. They not only work to improve privacy but also increase productivity and information security.

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