5 Compelling Reasons Glassboards Have an Edge over Whiteboards

  • December 30, 2015
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5 Compelling Reasons Glassboards Have an Edge over Whiteboards - Texas MedClinic Careers

Ever since whiteboards replaced traditional blackboards and chalks, they have become a common fixture in offices, meeting rooms, classrooms and other professional spaces. Writing on whiteboards and cleaning them up is a breeze. We discuss five reasons why glassboards are a better pick over whiteboards. Just when most people thought there could be no better tool to write and share information with many people at once, glassboards entered the scene with their impressive aesthetics, features, and practicality.


While writing on whiteboards is as easy as on glassboards, it has certain limitations when it comes to longevity. On one hand, whiteboards start to “ghost” over time, even if you clean them regularly, as the porous surface will stain from use. Glassboards, on the other hand, have a non-porous surface, which is completely resistant to staining. Every time you clean a glassboard, the surface becomes perfectly clean and stain-free.


A synthetic gloss coat is usually applied to particleboards of whiteboards. The coat is susceptible to scratches and scuffs, which often creates channels for bacteria and marker pen residue. If left uncovered, the particleboard can be a safe place for dust particles and bacteria. Glassboard, however, is made of tempered glass and has high resistance to scratches and scuffs, meaning there are less chances of bacterial growth, if cleaned properly.


Tempered glass used in glassboards is processed for more strength. It is basically a safety glass that crumbles into pebbles instead of shattering into shards. Glassboards may weigh more than whiteboards, as they have up to 10x more strength than regular glass. The higher strength of glass boards compared with whiteboard, makes it perfect for use in high traffic environments, such as hospitals and classrooms.


Glass seamlessly blends with any décor, unlike whiteboard. Whether you opt for a fixed or mobile glassboard, it creates a modern clean appearance. Whiteboards give a more classroom-like feel, so if your office space is more chic and colorful, a plain whiteboard might not go well with the overall style. Another advantage of glassboards is that you can get them in several colors and customized patterns to accentuate the look and feel of the space.


Glassboard is more suited than whiteboard for hospitals and other healthcare facilities where hygiene requirements are strict. The non-porous material of glassboards makes it nearly impossible for bacteria and dust particles to grow on the surface.


Glassboards have the ability to provide ambient light protection, good contrast levels, and excellent depth of field – features that make them an increasingly popular choice in contemporary office set-ups and other environments. Merge Works provides an impressive range of mobile glassboards engineered to be lightweight and easy to move. Our products are made from ¼-inch safety glass and available in frosted, clear, and whiteboard glass. To learn more about our glassboards and customization options, fill out the Contact Form. You can also call us at 1-800-597-1195.

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