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4 Reasons to Not Use Glass Walls but Glass Boards for Collaboration

  • July 24, 2017
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4 Reasons to Not Use Glass Walls but Glass Boards for Collaboration - Texas MedClinic Careers

Great ideas can come any moment. When that happens, you must write down your ideas to make sure you’ve recorded them. The question is, where do you record your ideas in office? Do you often use the glass walls of a meeting room or a cabin to collaborate? If yes, you need to learn that although glass walls might be serving you well for the purpose, it’s not the best medium to write down ideas for a number of reasons. Here are four reasons to not use a glass wall but a mobile glassboard for collaboration.


Glass walls pose the problem of glare when light falls over them, which makes hard to read anything written over them. The “dazzle effect” can overexpose the retina to light and even harm your eyesight. Even if you use a glass with a film coating, it does not match a glass board. Mobile glass boards come with a clear backing that makes any text over it clearly visible and pose no glaring issues.


Writing on glass walls may not be the safest place to write; although, most employers hardly think of this possibility when collaborating using the medium. Glass products such as glass boards, on the other hand, are especially made for writing. They are constructed using tempered glass that is 10 times stronger than regular glass and have standoffs for support. Mobile glass boards are designed in a way that they are safe to handle.


Glass walls are fixed and writing on them may mean that your memos, messages, and brainstormed ideas are at one place, unless you take a picture of the writing. Using a mobile glass board, on the other hand, allows to collaborate and brainstorm where you want – meeting room, cafeteria, or workstation – and continue from where you left at a different spot. Merge Works’, for this reason, offers mobile glass boards that are lightweight and easy to move.

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Regularly writing on glass walls may scuff and stain them over time. This isn’t the case with mobile clear glass boards or glass whiteboards, as they are made of a number of coatings, which help keep stains and scuffs off them. Glass boards are also highly resistant to bacteria growth and that’s why they are often used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.


Mobile glass boards provide a dedicated space for writing. By using them, instead of glass walls, for collaboration, you’re able to make sure that you’re not blocking your or someone else’s view to the writing in workspace. Mobile glass boards offer good contrast levels and protection from ambient light, which makes them one of the best writing mediums – even better than regular white boards. If you are looking for high-quality mobile glass boards for office or classrooms, Merge Works has got you covered with its wide range of product list. Clear, frosted, and whiteboard glass, we have mobile glass boards in a whole range of variety to suit diverse needs. To check out available options, click here. For more information, simply call 800-597-1195 or fill our contact form.

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